Food Confusion

Last night Shane and I ended the weekend with some cards and a family-style dinner: Euchre (which I horribly lost) and chicken sausage + sauteed onion and zucchini alongside some butternut squash ravioli: Does anyone else always have to stop and think about the difference between tortellini and ravioli? I always mix up the two, […]

A Mandatory Plus

Hello from the gym! I’m actually watching the gym for the owner this afternoon while he’s out, so I’ve been hanging here, lifting a little, blogging a little, and reading a little. Not a bad job. I also ate a little: The pumpkin cottage cheese combo’s back, baby! I also had some chicken and wild […]

Extra Credit for Thin-ness

Have you guys heard of the 60 Minutes a Day of Play campaign? It’s actually an NFL movement to get kids to include more, well, movement in their day without labeling it “exercise.” According to, its intent is to help kids get in 60 minutes of “play” by participating in fun, physical activity for […]


Morning   Well we officially had our first snow of the year yesterday! Ok, so maybe it was only a dusting, but the roads were super slippery!! On the way home from running errands, we saw 4 cars in an accident, and the car behind us came thisclose to rear-ending Shane’s vehicle. We also never […]

Same Content, Different Sex

One of Shane and my Christmas gifts we got this year was magazine subscriptions. Food Network for me and Men’s Health for Shane. I’ve been known to peer through a Men’s Health mag every now and then. I actually like the exercise advice more than Women’s Health, so I’ll scan through to the exercises or […]

Gun Powder and Lead

Guns have always scared me. They’re just so…final. Even now, just thinking about holding one makes me shudder. I know, I know, guns are only as dangerous as the person holding it.This doesn’t comfort me! There are some seriously clutzy people in this world – myself included! Not to mentions psychos who don’t have a […]

Build-A-Booty Workshop

Hi there! Before I go into today’s post, thank you SO much on your comments about my holiday (im)balance! I was very happy to see such a positive response and to hear that most of you all give yourself breaks during the holidays as well They seriously made my night. All right. On to lunch! […]

WOD Generator

This morning at the gym I came face to face with one realm of lifting that has given me anxiety for quite some time: Olympic lifts. You may remember me saying that crossfit was still a  workout that intimidates me a little. Well, I’m to the point where I’d love to try it, but now […]

The Exercise that Did Me In

Afternoon! So I never got around to that yoga session (oops) but I did get in some serious coffee drinking: Coffee’s just as good for the soul as yoga, right? This Americana w/ half and half sure put me in a happy place I’ve been a busy little worker bee today! Before heading into the […]

Trivia for Dishes

Yesterday turned out to be a really fun day! After training a client and running a couple errands (Target and Sam’s Club, which were each equally scary on Black Friday even at 11:00 a.m.) I finally got in that workout. I find it really hard to workout once it’s past 10:00, so I had to […]

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