Sweet Potato Salad

As promised this morning, this afternoon I’m going to share my recipe for sweet potato salad with you guys. Like I mentioned earlier, I loved the regular potato salad I made on Sunday so much, that I had to make a version for my favorite starch – the sweet potato. Before I even googled “sweet […]

Healthy Trail Mix Cookies

Hi there! I hope everyone had a great weekend Yesterday we were blessed with absolutely gorgeous weather, and took full advantage. First, I headed out on a 5 miler (which is long for me anymore.) It was my first time using my MotoActv GPS and mp3 player, which the company sent me. I really like […]

Caramelized Banana Protein Waffles

Hold the phone, everybody. First thing’s first. I have to let you in on a little secret. Caramelized banana waffles. So remember how I was absolutely obsessed with pancakes with caramelized bananas sliced on top? The combination is amaze, but it’s also a slight pain in the butt. Well, I have a new obsession creeping […]

Coconut Blueberry Protein Bars (Paleo)

Well, well, well. Whatdya know. The last cinnamon coconut muffin was consumed Saturday morning and a new batch of baked goods popped out of the oven Saturday evening. Kitchen homeostasis, anyone? After the muffins boosted my coconut flour-baking confidence, I took it upon myself to create a new protein bar recipe – with coconut flour. […]

Cheddar, Apple, & Bacon Quesadillas

Before we dive into this morning, I have to share with you guys the super simple and quick – yet sophisticated – dinner I made last night. I didn’t get home from training last night until a little almost 7, and didn’t want to start the week off on take out for dinner, but I […]

{Super Simple} Honey Roasted Peanut Granola

Well today’s been a productive little Sunday! And good thing, because up until now, productivity has been MIA this weekend To do: brainstorm/recipe development for a new freelance assignment, make this week’s meal plan. To done: ran 3.5 miles, cleaned house, finished laundry, grocery shopped for ingredients for said freelance assignment, and ordered new business […]

Chocolate Coconut Date Balls

Good morning Good afternoon! This morning sure started on a productive note! I was out of bed by 7, at spin class by 7:45, and my a client’s house by 9:00. Then I came home, showered, and I’ve been in PJ’s ever since. And if I don’t change the rest of the day, I think […]

How Many Points in a 10 pc. Chicken McNugget

So this morning I planned on talking about my workout and an ab routine, and then I went and read this article and got all riled up. Now I have to talk about it with you guys. Now, there have been some pretty odd brand pairings in today’s day, but this one is a bit […]

Stop Stressing and Have a Walnut

Yesterday was a great day. I just felt inspired, encouraged, and in a good mood all around. (By the way, I think I took my longest shower ever yesterday after getting back hot water) However, after my strength training workout yesterday afternoon, I felt a bit off. I only did about 30 minutes, but it […]

5 Minute Nutty Protein Cookie Bowls

*Edited to add – nutritional stats at the bottom! Alternative titles for this recipe/post: “Bowl of Awesome” …suggested by Shane and “Nutty Breakfast Bake” (but it’s so good it doubles as dessert!) Something amazing happened in my kitchen this weekend… It all started when I let out a whimper after seeing I was already almost […]

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