Your Trainer Paige – Revealed!


Good morning! Before we get in to today’s post, we have something to talk about. If you headed to my blog this morning expecting to go to Running Around Normal, you were in for a surprise, right? Welcome to Your Trainer Paige! I’m so excited to introduce to you all my new blog. Last week, […]

Personal Trainer for a Day–Trainer Sarena

Ready for another installment of Personal Trainer for a Day? Today’s the last post in the series, and we’re ending it with a slightly different twist. Sarena, blogger at The Non-Dairy Queen, is already a nutritionist, trained chef, and previous gym manager, who is now studying to become a personal trainer to better help her […]

My New Initials

OK, maybe not too secret. Honestly I’ve just forgotten to tell ya’ll about my new adventure! For the past couple weeks, I’ve been taking about an hour a day to do some reading, writing, and arithmetic note-taking. What am I studying for, you ask? I’m studying to get my group fitness certification! I’m not certified […]

Trainer For a Day Series: Trainer Cotter

It’s Monday afternoon…you know what that means. Time for another installment of the Personal Trainer for a Day Series, where personal trainers help those thinking about getting into the career field by depicting a day in the life of a personal trainer. Past Trainers: A Day in the Life of Yours Truly (Trainer Paige!) A […]

Personal Trainer for a Day–Trainer Courtney

This morning right after posting, the clouds parted and the rain stopped. After a quick check with the weather channel, I saw there was a break in the rain for a little while. I too advantage and laced up my sneakers for a quick run: 3 miles and done. I had an itch to run […]

Personal Trainer for a Day–Trainer Lindsay

Hi guys! It’s a dreary one here in central Illinois today. Makes working inside all afternoon seem not too bad Desk lunch: I told you guys to get used to this lunch! I even had leftover Thai food in the fridge – and went for this instead. It’s just such a yummy – and satisfying […]

The Burpee Jack + Helpful Cues

Good morning! Just like Monday, I woke up, coffeed up, and headed upstairs to the gym for some ChaLEAN Extreme. I’m really loving dispersing these workouts into my routine. There. I took a picture of myself doin’ the darn thang! And yes, I always work out in mismatched Nike tempo shorts + a tee shirt […]

Personal Trainer for a Day

Afternoon! Hope this Monday is going by swimmingly for you. Just another Monday over here! You know, it’s funny. Normally after I go away – even for a weekend – I take the following day off of work. If I don’t, then I feel behind, frazzled, and frustrated. However, today is a 9 + hour […]

Cheddar, Apple, & Bacon Quesadillas

Before we dive into this morning, I have to share with you guys the super simple and quick – yet sophisticated – dinner I made last night. I didn’t get home from training last night until a little almost 7, and didn’t want to start the week off on take out for dinner, but I […]

The Next Chapter

About 2 and a half years ago, I got certified through ACE as a personal trainer. At the time, I’d been working full time as a project planner at the BIC (big insurance company) and landed a personal training job a couple months later. For about 5 months, I’d work 40 hours a week at […]

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