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Morning, friends! Anyone else getting a slow start this morning? Despite my tiredness last night, I just couldn’t fall asleep! So, I slept in pretty late this morning…about 30 minutes before my first client. It’s definitely a double cup kind of morning I also woke up without an appetite, which is probably because of our […]

What Numbers Mean to Me: The Numbers Game Takeaway

Busy busy day so far! Here’s how to tell if you’ll be having a non-stop 12 hour work day split up between two jobs: Haha! Welcome to my Tuesday house car, my friends Makeup, training tools, lunch, water, purse, phone, change of clothes? Yep, I think that covers it! On busy days, I like to […]

A Better Written Recipe: The Cake Pops

It felt SO. good. to sweat this morning. I always crave a good sweat session after taking a brief hiatus from exercise, and this workout completely squashed that craving. After a 40 minutes FB strength workout (New Rules of Lifting for Abs) and a 45 minute sweat spin session, I came home for second breakfast. […]

HLS: The Conclusion

Hey there! I’m currently blogging from 20,000 feet above ground, on flight from Atlanta to Bloomington! Although my first connecting flight had free wifi (whoot whoot!) this one, sadly, does not, so I thought I’d spend some quality time on Live Writer   Yesterday the presentations came to a close, my brain was beginning to […]

Reading Terminal Market Cocktail Party–Healthy Living Summit

Last night after crashing from the afternoon and playing dead for a couple hours, it was time to get gussied up and head out to the Healthy Living Summit Cocktail Party at the Reading Terminal Market in downtown Philadelphia! Though it was storming when it was time to kick off the party, a big group […]

Time Flies When You’re at #HLS

This day has flown by!! How is it already 4:00 5:00?! Time flies when you’re… Exploring the city with a BFF/Bestie/Blend! Sidenote: there are SO many cute doggies wandering around (on leashes) the streets of Philadelphia! SO many. And when you’re…lunching with a ton of other fabulous bloggers: About a dozen of us ended up […]

Philly By Foot

Is it sad that’s it’s 8:00 pm and I’m already back in the hotel room, in my comfies, watching Jersey Shore with my HLS roomie? Traveling really takes it out of ya! A 4:45 a.m. wake up call doesn’t exactly help either. Regardless, we definitely have been taking advantage of our early arrival in Philadelphia […]

Vacation Starts on the Airplane

We made it Philadelphia!!! After a slight delay in my first flight from Bloomington to Detroit, I met Kim and Kelly and the airport and we were on our way Being on vacation = airplane bloody mary’s at 10 a.m. Don’t judge us. Vacation starts on the airplane However, it’s still not wise to drink […]

#HLS Bound

I’ve got my bags all packed: My bag for when mid-air hunger strikes is ready: And treats for you all who will be attending the Healthy Living Summit this weekend all wrapped up! At the air port and ready to goooo! By now, I’m flying through the air to Detroit, to meet my girl/roomie, Kim! […]

Healthy Living Summit: 7 Things I Didn’t Expect Last Year that I Will This Year

We’ll cover lunch quick like a bunny, because there’s a beast of a post to read about what I’m thankful to know this year going to the Healthy Living Summit! Lunch was leftovers: I was SO glad I decided to only eat half of my sandwich last night. That just meant I got to enjoy […]

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