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A big part of my nutrition coaching philosophy is nutrient timing. My clients learn how to structure their meals throughout their day to see the best results possible — without feeling constantly hungry.

However, part of that day includes the post-workout meal. What to eat? When to eat it? How much? There’s lots of questions (and lots of opinions) when it comes to what you should eat after training.

Many people think that carbs are KING when it comes to post-workout fuel. And they certainly do have a place in a post-workout meal after a tough workout.

However, I’d argue that protein is the most crucial macronutrient to consume after your workout.

Yes, carbs replenish glycogen and decrease cortisol levels that increased during your training session — both of which are great, and most of my clients’ PWO meals include carbohydrates. However, they’re not necessary. 

Here’s why.

You see, after training our insulin sensitivity is high. It’s probably the highest it will be all day — making it one of the best times to include carbohydrates in our diet. But here’s the thing — it remains elevated for the next 14-16 hours. So, even if you trained in the morning, and waited until dinner to enjoy your carbs, you’d still reap their benefits.

Now let’s talk about protein.

Even more important than utilizing that insulin sensitivity is taking advantage of your body’s ability to upregulate amino acids immediately after training. Getting in that protein post-workout allows you to take advantage of this function. It also helps to increase muscle protein synthesis, keeping us anabolic (building lean muscle.)

Additionally, some protein sources, like whey protein can still have an insulinogenic effect. So you could still take advantage of replenishing glycogen stores with protein alone.

As a busy trainer, business owner, and mom, I barely have enough time to heat up my food, let alone cook it. So having something ready to drink, like Premier Protein’s Clear Protein Drink comes in clutch.

I find that since it’s winter, I can even store a couple in my center counsel in my car and drink it on my way home from the gym. That way — even if I come home to a baby that needs me NOW and I’m not able to get in any carbs, at least I can get the muscle protein synthesis advantages from drinking a ready-to-drink shake on the way home or when I walk in the door. (You can now get Premier Protein Clear at any Sam’s Club

Baby cuddles + MPS at the same time. Multi-tasking 😉

I also like that protein in this form (whey protein, ready to go) is very easily digestible, making it a quick source of protein fuel for post-workout. Eating real food is perfectly fine for post-workout; just be cognizant that the digestive process is a consideration. If you do go for food, try to use meats that are more easily digestible like lean ground meat that isn’t over cooked.

One bottle of Premier Protein Clear has 90 calories, 20 grams of protein, no sugar, and no fat. You can learn more about them on their instagram account or their website.

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