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“I’ve loved the meal ideas and planning [in this program,] and I’ve really been enjoying what I’ve been making and eating. I was in a meal rut before the plan, and this has been the perfect way to get out of it.” – Tara D., Lean Body Boot Camp client.

If you think you’re in a rut with your meals — or maybe you find that your frequent snacking or meal choices might be hindering your progress, this post is for you.

In the video below, I address the following questions —

  • Are you in a meal rut?
  • Are your meals and snacks supporting your goals?
  • How can you get out of a meal and snacking rut?

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Are you in a meal rut? Proper Execution is Key.

Proper execution for staying on track with your meals during a busy week is absolutely key.

The main changes we make in my Lean Body training and nutrition program are changes with our macronutrients (our proteins, carbs, and fats) and the times at which we eat them throughout the day (known as nutrient timing).

We also implement some carb cycling as well, and these three changes, combined with an effectively written training program, get major results. However, in order to see those results, we need to be consistent with proper execution — we need to consistently implement those changes on a daily basis. 

1. Meal planning and prepping process

One of the first packets I send out in my #leanbodybootcamp is my Easy meal planning and prep guide. Also, every single week we all share our meal planning practices.

This starts with writing out the menu for the week. On Fridays, I write out my own menu for the week, and come up with a dinner for most nights of the week (usually about 5-6 nights, since we end up eating out about once a week), and I choose a couple different breakfasts and lunches to rotate through the week (I find that when my clients choose a couple meals to rotate through throughout the week this way, it becomes more seamless and a much easier process, and things really start to click).

Once I have my meals written down, I’ll break it down by ingredients, and then what ingredients I have on hand, what I need to buy.


Then on Saturday and Sunday, we go through the process of grocery shopping and getting some meal prep practices in. I like to have at least vegetables and proteins cooked on either Saturday or Sunday. This meal prep on the weekend doesn’t take hours and hours, but it does remind you of the changes that you’re making so that you stay on track during the weekend.

2. Proper meal split guidelines

I recently wrote about why I write sample meal plans for my clients, and in these sample meal plans I provide the breakdown on best practices for structuring meals.

The way we structure our meals in my Lean Body boot camp is motivated by meal satiety, metabolic flexibility, and efficiently burning body fat. We also discuss how many meals per day we’re eating, the order in which we eat them, and how long to go in between meals

We also focus on the timing of our meals around our workout, and whether we’re working out in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

3. Accountability

Having the group accountability, in addition to the accountability of a trainer or coach, or even an accountability partner is so helpful.

We’re all sharing our meal plans, our menus, our grocery hauls, etc, and having that inspiration is helpful. Additionally, having that accountability is key because you know that you’ll be expected to check-in with your meal planning and prep as well.

That extra layer of accountability is immensely helpful with proper execution– and to help you get out of that meal rut. It’s also fun to see everyone’s ideas. Everyone’s sharing new recipes and new ideas, and that can really help to get over that boredom and get excited about your meals and nutrition again.


Proper meal execution in the form of 1) meal planning and prep, 2) meal structuring throughout the day, and 3) accountability can not only help you get out of your meal rut, but also to stay consistent with all of the positive changes you’re making in order to see sustainable long term results.

I do have just a few spots left in my Lean Body training and nutrition boot camp that starts February 13th. It’s $179 for the six week program, and this is the last time I’m offering it at that lower price because of the individual attention and coaching I give each participant.

If you’re ready to commit to making some positive changes with your nutrition and training, I would love to work with you in this program. You can sign up, learn more, or contact me with questions here.

I hope this was helpful in getting out of that meal rut. Thanks for reading! XO

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