Some thoughts and discussions from me.

Hi guys! I hope your week is going great so far. Anything fun on the agenda?

I’ve got some teaching and training to do, along with some glute camp week 2 schtuff (way to go on those check-ins, btw! Keep it up!!) but I’ve been soaking up any free time I’ve got, spending in the great outdoors.


Heil Valley Ranch, Longmont, CO

Shane and I ran on a trail we’ve both never been to before – the Wapiti Trail at Heil Valley Ranch. It’s a nice, shady (and super duper close!) trail, and we came across two mule deer while there, too! It was such a fun run that started off the day on a joyful note.

And today I wanted to talk about what type of movement gives you JOY.

Yesterday, I shared the following “status update” on my Facebook page:


It’s summer, and that means there are countless sports and activities to do – no matter where you are. I’ve (clearly) recently become obsessed with trail running. Along with that, I’m lifting, glute camp-ing, swimming (or something like swimming Winking smile,) and hiking. On the list of things I want to learn to do this summer are: mountain biking, SUP-ing, kayaking, and white water rafting.

Basically, I’m all over the place, and that’s A-OK with me. I’ve backed off a super regimented lifting (or anything) routine to allow my body (and my schedule) to be able to do ALL THE THINGS.


On top of Lily Mountain, RMNP (with this gal’s hubby!)

As a PT, of course I’m full of suggestions, recommendations, and notions about what one should or shouldn’t do to reach his or her goals. However, when a client comes to me for help, we set up a workout schedule together – with an emphasis on ‘together.’ If I have a client performing sprint intervals a couple days a week, and she downright HATES running? Guess what. She’s either not going to do said workout, or she’ll do it and hate it, which will eventually lead to drop out.

I remember a client I was training (online) last summer – let’s call her GymGirl -  who came to me thinking that she wanted to lift heavy and avoid cardio at all costs. She came to me wanting to learn to deadlift, complete weighted chin ups, and squat heavy. However, a few weeks into her program, I noticed she began to stop “checking in” as often as week 1 or 2. She quickly began skipping more and more workouts.

Now, I knew that GymGirl came to me after years of being RunnerGirl, and not having a consistent strength training routine (if any) at all, so my instinct told me to dig further into her goals.Turns out, when I asked her again why, if she really thought about it, she came to me wanting to lift heavy, her initial response of “I want to get strong, feel accomplished, and have definition” had faded. Instead, she replied that she wanted to get a body like a certain social media fitness figure, and she’d been told the only way to do that was to lift heavy, and avoid cardio, because it’d just eat up all the progress made through lifting.


While lifting heavy will do wonders for body composition, a) it’s not the only way, and b) it won’t do jack if the person doing it stops because he or she isn’t into it.

I feel like there’s a LOT of lifting love (and a lot of running hate) around the interwebz lately, so I just wanted to reiterate what I’ve already said on here before: move. get in activity. If you think you *should* lift heavy but hate being in a weight room or *should* do zumba but can’t stand choreography, maybe those certain activities aren’t for you right now.

So what type of activity should you do? Something that you’ll enjoy and will sustain – whether that be 1 thing, 2 things, or 30 things.

How are you moving in a way that gives you enjoyment right now?

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