YTP Online Boot Camp: 8 Weeks to a Summer-Ready You!

Sold Out – *****SIGN UPS ARE NOW CLOSED*****

Good morning, friends! Today I’m incredibly excited to introduce my online boot camp program!


When I re-launched my online training and coaching services, I added two components: semi-private training and group training (boot camp.) Since I started online training again, I’ve been busy working behind the scenes to create that third component – the online boot camp.

If you have goals of getting stronger, leaner, more cardiovascularly conditioned, more able and balanced, and more confident, and most importantly – have FUN working out, I’d love to coach you in the 8-Week’s to Summer Online Boot Camp program. It begins April 21st – 8 weeks before the 1st day of summerSun  (Scroll to the bottom of the post if you want to sign up now –and  price goes up next week!)

I’ve been in the fitness industry training clients one-on-one, in small groups, and  large groups for 6 years now, and have been writing training programs upwards of 8 years. In my experience and training both in the field and online, I’ve learned what works – and what doesn’t work.

However, not everyone is at the same level of fitness or wants the same workout schedule, which is why I’ve made Your Trainer Paige Online Boot Camp different by providing optional bonus workouts, as well as providing at least THREE (3) different exercise progressions for each exercise in each workout.

Click HERE for a sample of one of the exercises in the boot camp program exercise glossary, the Oblique Isometric Hold, and its 3 progressions and descriptions. It’s one great exercise, but I’ve broken it down into three different progressions, based on your current level of fitness and/or – in this case – oblique strength. And that’s just one example of how every exercise in the program will be broken down for your own fitness level.

So, What Does YTP 8-Week Online Boot Camp Include?


And to increase accountability, each week there will be a KIND snack prize package for the person with the most workout check-ins on the Facebook Group.


As your coach, I take responsibility in helping you achieve your goals for the 8-weeks, and part of that is accountability. A little incentive never hurts Winking smile

You get ALL of this, for less than a THIRD of what it would cost you for one in-person training session with me!

Join in on Your Trainer Paige 8-Week’s to Summer Boot Camp for only $35! Join today to score on special launch release pricing! Pricing goes up April 4th.  Sign up deadline is April 17th.


By clicking “buy now” I certify that I am a healthy individual, free from injury or any other contraindication that might be exacerbated through exercise.

Ready? Let’s go to camp!

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  1. woohoo! it’s gonna be awesome! and happy bday!!
    lindsay recently posted..3 Gluten Free Recovery Snacks for Coffee LoversMy Profile

  2. Im a misfit.
    you know me :)

  3. awesome! sharing this! great deal, great resources, great trainer, and can’t beat the price! :)

  4. Happy birthday! I will definitely be joining in the bootcamp!

  5. So awesome!! Happy Birthday!
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted..ANYtime ANYwhere WorkoutMy Profile

  6. Yay!!! Happy Birthday friend! xoxo
    Brittany @ Delights and Delectables recently posted..A Bit About the BloggerMy Profile

  7. This looks awesome!! I just became a cpt so I might participate for some ideas (and of course to work on my own fitness!). :)
    Amanda @ Diary of a Semi-Health Nut recently posted..[ How Sore is Too Sore Part Deux ]My Profile

  8. Love that you’re doing a bootcamp! I’d love to participate if I wouldn’t be 38 weeks pregnant when it starts. I’ll join in if there is a next round :)
    Brittany (Healthy Slice of Life) recently posted..Make Your Own Healthy Uncrustable SandwichesMy Profile

  9. And happy birthday of course! 😉
    Brittany (Healthy Slice of Life) recently posted..Make Your Own Healthy Uncrustable SandwichesMy Profile

  10. Awesome Paige! I will share this with my followers as well who have expressed interest in a boot camp!! Thanks!
    Karen @WellnessScience recently posted..Fitness Friday: Yoga for RunnersMy Profile

  11. Sue Alton says:

    I just signed up for the boot camp. Will I get a conformation email?

    • Hi Sue! :) You should get a confirmation email by EOD today.

      • Sue Alton says:

        Hi Paige,
        I never received a confirmation for the training. Did my payment ever make it to you? I paid with american express through the like that was provided. Am I signed up for the camp?
        Thanks for your time!

  12. Hi! I signed up for YTP boot camp, but haven’t received any information yet. What do I need to do to get the workouts? Thanks!

  13. We got late to sigh up. Anway, We will see next time.

  14. Brittany says:

    When are you starting another class?


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