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Some things in life are irreplaceable. Your best friends. The love of your life. Your family. Old family photos. Yesterday, people from my hometown lost a lot of irreplaceable things in a horrible string of tornados (please pray for them!) My family and friends are all ok, thank goodness, but many lost so much, and a town nearby was nearly wiped out.

It makes me really appreciate my loved ones, and the time I get to spend with them. Friday night, after a day of teaching indoor cycling, and a tour of the Bhakti Chai brewery, Shane and I had some friends over to play cards and have some drinks, and laugh all night long Smile

Saturday, Shane and I drove up to Estes Park, and could not believe the devastation still remaining in Lyons, and on the way up to Estes along 36. You guys, a major high way was just eaten away by the rushing flood waters. We meant to get out and take pictures, but we were just so in awe of what we saw. It’s so much better now, though, especially since it used to look like this:



Saturday night, we went out with a group of friends to our normal place for dinner and drinks, and then watched a bunch of silly videos all night. I love a group of friends who share the same sense of humor Open-mouthed smile Yesterday I went to the gym, then to church with Shane, and then kicked it on the couch, watching Parenthood. And lastly, on Sunday night, our friends had us over for THE best home-cooked meal I’ve had in months. We had butternut soup, chicken, potatoes, stuffing, parsnip fries, broccoli slaw, cookies, and more!


We ended the weekend stuffed and happy Smile

Definitely a great weekend with irreplaceable memories. Even the gym was fun! For some reason, I am really into my training right now – probably because I have a goal. I’d like to be able to dead lift 1.5 x’s my body weight, as well as be able to do 8 strict chin ups. I’ll touch on the chin up goal later, but today, let’s chat about my absolute favorite exercise out there: The DeadLift


Want to work your glutes? Start deadlifting. Want to work your hamstrings? Deadlift. Want to work your shoulders? Deadlift. How about those lats? Deadlift? Want to work the abs? Dead. Lift. You catch my drift.

From the title of this post, you’d think that there’d be an alternative exercise to the deadlift. There’s absolutely nothing to completely replace the dead lift.

That said, let’s say you want into your gym, the one with only 1 or 2 squat racks, you’re super short on time, and don’t have time to wait for the guy who is super setting biceps curls and bench to finish his dang workout.


Yeah, yeah, we know.

On the other hand, say you’re struggling with the deadlift – either form, or weight, or you’re tired, overworked, or maybe you just don’t feel like deadlifting today. But you still want to work that booty. There are lots of exercises you can still do that involve the hip hinge (main move for the deadlift:)image















Single-leg deadlift

My all-time favorite alternative to the dead lift, SLDL’s will be a sure-fire, guaranteed way to work the glutes, and likely make them cry the next day or so (as long as you’re doing them correctly.) My favorite way to do these is with two same-weight kettlebells. Unfortunately, neither of the gyms I’m at have two kettlebells of the same weight, so I typically do 1 KB single leg deadlifts with a 25kg bell (right now.)

Hip Thrust


Another one of my favorites, this exercise targets the glutes like NO other. It gets a pretty big range of motion, as well as eccentric contraction. Plus, they’re the glute guy’s favorite.

Glute Bridge


Same concept, hip hinging, but different positioning.

Dumbbell or KB Romanian Deadlift


I love this exercise, too, and right now, I include it in my training program, but on my front squat days. See this post for more about the RDL

Stability Ball Hamstring Curl

Yes, it’s a hamstring curl, but it’s also a hip extension, which targets the glutes.

Often times I look at these exercises as supporting exercises, too. For example, if I do a deadlift at the beginning of the workout, I might do a hip thrust or hamstring curl/hip extension with a ball in my last superset.


Alternative Exercises to the Crunch

What did you do this weekend that was irreplaceable??

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