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Good morning!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Friday night we had an impromptu (as most of our plans are – how I like it) game night at our house and had a couple friends over to play Cards of Humanity. It’s a horrible, horrible, horribly awesome game, haha. Then on Saturday after teaching boot camp, I buckled down and wrote a bunch of programs for my new and renewing online clients, and watched the rest of the series Orange is the New Black. Saturday night was a beer dinner at Laurens, and Sunday, looking for houses, and a run by the neighborhood!



Pretty great weekend, all in all.

Now. Let’s talk resistance training. Right now, mine’s all over the place. I’ve been taking hot yoga like a crazy person, teaching (and participating in) my boot camp classes, practicing spinning profiles, hiking, and, oh yeah – getting in my resistance training. It’s crazy, and my focus is all over the place.


I haven’t really been following a lifting program lately. Instead, I’ve been trying to fit in 2-3 full body workouts each week, when I can. I also haven’t been able to really push myself because of all the other (physical activity) directions my body is being pulled.

Ideally, my resistance training is the center focus of my training. If I get my lifting workouts in, I’m good. Next comes hiking (ok, well maybe hiking is number 1 for my sanity.) I like to get in at least two hikes each week.


(photo c/o Lauren!)

Third is yoga, which I need at least once during the week. Then everything else is just additional movement.

My plan? Cut back. I’m dropping my 4-5 x’s a week yoga practice to once a week. The yoga I take isn’t yin yoga or hatha, it’s vinyasa, which is strength-based and takes a lot out of me. By cutting back to once a week, I’ll be able to give my resistance training program more attention and energy without triceps that are quivering from doing 40 chaturangas in a Wednesday afternoon vinyasa class.

I’m excited to write a program for myself and follow it again Open-mouthed smile But in the meantime, I wanted to share with you all the workout I did on Friday, with just body weight, that I’ve tweaked a little so it’s designed for a beginner lifter. It’s actually very likely that one of my clients – whether in person or online – has a full body day in his or her program very similar to this one! It’s body weight only, both bilateral and unilateral, and balanced.

Body Weight Program for a Beginner

Disclaimer: Before starting any new workout or exercise program, please check with your doctor and clear any exercise and/or dietary changes with him or her. I am not a doctor, nor do I claim to cure any disease or condition. This is just my opinion on my opinion blog.



Dynamic warm up: glute pulls, quad pulls, squat to stands, lateral walking reach, inch worms

Bird –dog

alternating single-leg raises

squat to a bench

incline push ups

wall slides

reverse lunges

bent-over Y raises (no weight)

single-leg glute bridge

If you wanted to make this into a program, let’s call this workout A. You’d do workout A on Monday. On Wednesday, you could do workout B, which could look something like this:

1. Plank

2. Side plank

3. Split squat

4. Collateral limb raises

5. Step up

6. W to I raise

7. Glute-activation lunge

Remember to stretch and do your mobility work! And of course, you’d want to progress the variations and exercises week to week, and progress programs eventually.

Have a lovely Monday, my friends Open-mouthed smile

How was your weekend? Get any fun fitness in?

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