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Morning, friends! Sun

Today’s What I Ate Wednesday post is from last Friday, the day after the 4th of July.

It started out like any other Friday with my morning clients. I had to be in the gym and training by 6:30, and with staying up late to watch the fireworks the night before, that basically meant roll out of bed—>put on gym clothes—>walk to gym. My poor morning clients. I have a thing with clients 6:30 or earlier. That thing is little to no make up, and no fancy pancy workout clothes. Of course, I always prepare their workouts and get that stuff ready the night before.


What I’m trying to say here is that breakfast didn’t get eaten until after my 6:30-7:30. Luckily I had a window open from 7:30 until 9:00, so I came home and made some pancakes.


Pancakes? Yes! Delicious, fluffy pancakes. Not just any pancakes, though. These are FlapJacked Protein Pancakes, made with oat and quinoa flour, no added sugars, and a clean whey protein powder. The company is local, and the founders gave me a few samples to try out. The pancakes above are buttermilk, which I just topped with a little butter and pure maple syrup, but they also have cinnamon apple and banana hazelnut. I also had a couple Applegate sausages on the side.


The apple cinnamon is delicious, too, but I’ve yet to try the banana hazlenut.

On that note, I’ve been digging protein powder again. I went through about a 6-8 month stretch where I’m pretty sure I could count the times I used it on one hand, but I’ve been using it about once a day (maybe 5 days a week) in various forms like these pancakes, bars, or smoothies. I don’t eat protein powder all day everyday, but here’s the thing – if you need to get in more protein, a good protein powder is a great way to do that. With my blood sugar issues, I have to make sure that nearly every time I eat, I include a little protein in there to balance out the glucose in the carbohydrate. I use protein powder when the thought of eating one more egg or piece of meat makes me want to gag. I also limit myself to not more than one serving a day (and usually not every day.)  But what I’m saying is protein powder can be very helpful in ones diet.


On to lunch! After training my 9:00 client, I hopped in my car and boogied on down to Mount Sanitas to meet up with Lauren and her friend, Teri.


Donning my favorite hiking get up, which, by the way is almost always the same – camelbak for agua, Merrell hiking shoes, smartwool socks to keep the blisters at bay, Oakley shades for that intense sun, Nike tempo shorts, and my favorite sweaty bands headband (which is great for yoga, too!)

We hiked a good 2 hours, and by the time we finished around 1:30, I was more than ready for lunch. Teri hadn’t been to a (proper) Whole Foods, so Lauren suggested the Pearl Street location for lunch, since it’s the size of a small country.


I joked that this picture looked like dog vomit. Any time I eat lunch at the WF hot bar, I always load up on Indian food. Shane’s not a fan, so it’s really the only time I get to have it. So basically, I load up on every single Indian dish, and then go, “oops, there’s not a single vegetable here.” Then I top it with some random asparagus spears and a couple cauliflower florets. And a lone steal fry I wanted to try, ha. I also had a piece of Lauren’s bread pudding, which was pretty ok. I like me some bread pudding, but none will ever even compare to my beloved white chocolate bread pudding. It has my Red heart


After lunch, I was so full. Whenever I’m stuffed I instantly feel tired and “over it.” We shopped around a little bit, and once my food digested, I felt pretty good again. Even good enough to get some new hiking kicks! I’m sure I’ll show you guys later.

Once I got back to my house, I did a little cleaning, chatted with Shane, and then had a homemade protein bar.


These guys are delicious.


Friday evening was pretty uneventful. Shane and I hung out on the patio, sipped on a beer, and just chatted. For dinner, I had a pot of chili going, that I let simmer for a couple hours. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any beans, but it still ended up being some of the best chili I ever made.


Any time we have chili, a peanut butter sandwich is a MUST. If you’ve never tried PB sammies with a bowl of chili, do it. The flavors compliment each other SO well! I topped mine with avocado, pickles, cheese, and Greek yogurt. I couldn’t believe it when I went inside to clean up, and found that we’d (well, mostly Shane) eaten ALL of the chili – all 1.25 pounds of ground beef in one sitting! haha – it was really good Winking smile


My typical “dessert” is a bowl of coconut milk (from the can) with some granola or a bowl of Greek yogurt with almond butter and MuesliFusion, but Friday night I had other plans.


Actually, I take that back. I didn’t plan this at all! I bought this ice cream for Shane, and when I was scooping him a bowl, it just looked so good that I had to make myself a bowl, too. I’m normally not even a fan of cookie dough ice cream, but I loved this!

Wow, that was a pretty chatty WIAW! Kudos to you if you made it all the way through Winking smile

How much protein powder do you consume?

What’s your favorite side to go with chili?

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