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Hi guys! Happy Saturday Open-mouthed smile

Previously on the weekends, I got into the habit of posting my weekly grocery hauls and subsequent meal plans for the week. Well, I’ve gotten out of that habit because to be blatantly honest, I haven’t meal planned since about a week or two before my family came and left a couple weeks ago. Oops. But that’s been mainly because everything has been cooked on the grill…


So instead, how about a little weekly workout recap? Hopefully you can gather some inspiration – as well as share your workouts to inspire me – in this post Smile

Saturday– full body strength workout with 8 minutes of burpee EMOM’s (every minute on the minute) tacked on at the end.


This was the day my parents left, and I was feeling a little bummed out. Normally I won’t step foot in a gym on the weekend, but this day it just felt like a good strength session would help. And after various planks, goblet squats, push ups, split squats, and 3 pt. rows later, it did just that.

Sunday-rest day. Sunday has been my rest day for a long time now. I think I may have taken Niko for a walk, but that’s about it! And I also trained a couple clients this day.

Monday – Hot vinyasa yoga!


This was my breakthrough session, remember? I loved it! On that note, I also signed up for a 30 day yoga challenge the other day. I think in my post-yoga blissed out state of mine I thought it’d be a good idea. I just might be questioning my sanity right now, though…

Tuesday – Body weight strength session. After a short jog and a dynamic warm up, I did this circuit, 3 times through:

Pallof press

Swiss ball mountain climbers

Double leg raises

Single-leg squat

Jumping chin ups

Push ups

It was quick and dirty, and just what I needed at the moment. I also went on a super short incline hike with Lauren that morning.


From Lauren’s IG – @oatmeallauren

Wednesday-Hot vinyasa. Another good one, though not nearly as intense as Monday’s (that one was TOUGH.)

Thursday-Another hike with Lauren! But this time the boys joined us:


We hiked up to the first and second flatiron, which is my absolute favorite hike at Chautauqua Park!

Friday- I’ll give you a hint…


Yep, those are hiking materials, and yes, I went on another hike with Lauren! Her friend, Teri, was in town, and after training my morning clients, I joined them at Mount Sanitas, for the 3.1 mile loop.


We’ve hiked Mount Sanitas a number of times now, and it’s still one of my favorite hikes! It takes less than 2 hours to hike, but it gets in a great workout, with its 1,300 ft. elevation gain.

I don’t have any concrete “goals” as far as fitness goes, so this is a typical week of workouts for me. And a fun one Open-mouthed smile

Have a great weekend!

What was your favorite workout of the week?

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