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Oh, Sunday morning. How I love thee. Relaxing in my robe, coffee in hand, after devouring a delicious breakfast.

Oh right, and happy Super Bowl, too. Is it sad I didn’t even remember it was today? I had plans to hang out with Natalie today, but then she reminded me today was super bowl. Apparently people still watch it even when the Bears weren’t even in the playoffs?? Oh wait… I’m not in Illinois anymore Winking smile

I’m sure we’ll still watch it today – or at least have it on in the back ground. Go team! Which team…I don’t really care Winking smile

So this weekend was another one for the books. Or maybe I should say Saturday was, because, well aside from this awesomely lazy morning before church, Sunday hasn’t begun yet, and on Friday I suggested we stay in, I cook, and have a nice early bed time.


Done and done. I cooked (Shane helped) steak with peppers and onion and a side of butternut squash puree, which is starting to become one of my favorite things to ever hit my taste buds.


Roasted butternut squash, pureed with butter, cinnamon, sea salt, and a little coconut milk? Heav-en.

Unfortunately I slept pretty shittily on Friday night. I’ve got some ish going on back home with someone and my mind won’t stop thinking about it. Stupid involuntary brain cells.

Regardless, I woke up, and made Saturday morning-worthy breakfast for Shane and myself:


Bacon cooked in the oven, like always, egg and veggie quiche, and sauerkraut. The quiche isn’t my recipe – it’s from Practical Paleo – but really, if you’ve made one egg quiche/casserole you’ve made them all, am I right? This one has eggs, shredded carrots, and zucchini in it. It was mediocre at best (but good enough to finish and have more of.) I think I’m more of an eggs over medium + mushrooms and onion kinda gal, but to each their own.

Then I lay around until I felt proficiently lazy, suited up, headed to the gym for a whopping three exercise workout (front squats, Bulgarian split squats, walking lunges,) and then ran to the store and post office.

Once back home and showered? It was exploration time!


Shane and I had not a clue what we were going to do yesterday. We just knew we were packing a lunch for picnic, and heading into Denver.

Turns out we never made it to Denver at all (another day…we have time Smile) but instead planted it in Golden for the day! First up – lunch at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre


image image

We had both heard a lot about the Red Rocks before, but neither of us were expecting the area to be so…beautiful! (all pictures taken with my iPhone since I forgot my good camera. Dangit!)



It’s basically a bunch of HUGE red rocks stuck in the middle of the mountains. God did a great job when he created this part of the planet. And whoever owns the amphitheater did a great job envisioning a concert hall right smack dab in the middle of some mountains.


We parked it about 3/4 of the way down the stairs, basked in the sun, and had a picnic.


I packed a mason jar salad w/ greens, olive oil, balsamic, leftover steak, avocado, and sesame seeds. and also had some trail mix. It was SO relaxing and warm in the sun, and we didn’t feel one bit jealous of the exercisers who were running the stairs, huffing and puffing Winking smile

We walked around (err, up – and elevated our heart rates!) the park a little bit before heading back to the car to Google our next destination. Hiking? Sight seeing? History engulfing?

When in doubt, hit up a brewery.


One of the biggest ones – Coors!

The Coors tour was HUGE – much different from Left Hand’s (though I think I liked the latter more!) – and lead us through the entire plant.


So. many. kettles. Orwhateverthey’recalled.

Tasting time!



By the end of the tour, it was only 4:00, and we wanted to explore a little more, but were both pretty beat. We tried to hit up a GF brewery in Boulder on our way home, but turns out that one’s in Ft. Collins. No go.

Instead we headed home, lazed around a bit, and then went out to a new-to-us-place (aren’t they all right now though?) for Italian. No pictures because we’ve all seen chicken, veggies, and potatoes before. And it was dark. Oh! One exciting thing did happen, though – I had half of a bread stick. I haven’t really eaten bread since I’ve been told it’s bad for PCOS, but it was epic (in the real sense of the word) and I didn’t blow up into pieces. Success.  We left after cleaning our plates, (I so wish I could be one of those girls who has leftovers to take home and eat the next day. It would be so convenient…never happens for me! lol) feeling fat and happy Open-mouthed smile

(Edited to add: here I am bragging about being able to eat a breadstick, and 30 minutes after publishing this post I notice a rash on my neck. Talked to Kim the bestie who’s GF, and she said that’s what her rashes look like after eating gluten. CURSES!!!!)

And now it’s Sunday, and after another yummy breakfast, we’re about to head to church.


Same mediocre quiche, plus bacon. Except this time I cooked the bacon on the stove for the first time since Florida!


Pro: bacon is done in less than 10 minutes. Cons: 3 grease burns, I burnt the bacon, and now my kitchen smells like bacon FO LIFE.

The end.

Happy Sunday! Open-mouthed smile

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