Some thoughts and discussions from me.

Hi there!

Before we get into today’s silly post, I want to share with you all a new challenge I’m doing! NO, it’s not a fitness/weight loss/”back on track”/healthy eating or anything like that sort of challenge. I’m not really about that. It’s a blog challenge- Katy’s 28 Day Blog Challenge!

It’s a challenge for the month of February to get those little nagging to-do’s for the blog *coughgetmycategoriesundercontrolandfixallmybrokenlinkscough* done, once and for all Open-mouthed smile Hopefully by March 1st, ya’ll will be reading a smoother, cleaner running blog. If you have a blog, I encourage you to check it out – it starts today!

First item on my list? Managing my insanely out of control  list of categories into a much more organized, manageable list. This way it will, you know, help you guys – not scare you away.

So it’s been a long time since I’ve done a what I’m loving post…and I’m loving a lot!

I love Parks and Recreation.


I love how hilariously nerdy Amy Poehler is in it! Shane and I ordered Netflix again, and after trying and failing with Downton Abbey (snore) and Vampire Diaries (I could do it, but not Shane was not game,) we had a winner with Parks and Rec!

I love iPad!


That early birthday present delivery I was waiting for yesterday? Turned out to be an iPad! I really wanted one for Christmas, so when I opened up the box to see my dad’s old iPad (he got a new one and gave me his) I was ecstatic! Now I don’t have to just pretend it’s mine Smile I immediately charged it and Face Time’d with them. What apps should I download?!?

I love coconut milk.


of the canned variety. I love it in everything. Yesterday I made beef stew in the slow cooker (omg so good) and in my second bowl, I added 1/4 c. of coconut milk and it made it so creamy and tasty and delicious.


Yummmm Iwanttobatheinit.

I love James Patterson.


Currently reading: 11th Hour, his 11th book in the Women’s Murder Club series. I’ve read 0 of the previous 10, but I’m still loving this book. I just finished both Divergent and Insurgent (is there a 3rd one?) and I needed a Patterson break. I’m also currently reading Tina Fey’s Bossypants, which is cute. I didn’t realize she grew up such a theatre girl!

I love humidifiers.


I obviously love Colorado, but I’m still acclimating to the arid climate! I fill up and sleep with a humidifier on my bedside table every night and I swear it saves me. One night I even got a bloody nose, and I never ever get bloody noses!

I love care packages.


This one’s from my BFF’s Destiny and Kim. They had a weekend together (and I should have been there!) and got some goodies together to send me. This. means. the. world to me. I love my friends. Love! And yes, they call me Pooge. Hmm…

And  I love Fridays! Today I’ve got a client, a meeting, and then I’m doing some major grocery shopping.

What are you loving lately?

What’s a nickname your friends have for you?

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