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Clarabelle told me she feels doesn’t get enough love on the blog.


.Ohh, the life of a cat. Sleep all night on the bed. Sleep all day, moving only so much as to stay in the sun that peers through the windows. Not having to work, pay bills, or set alarms.

Yep, Clarabelle’s got it pretty good. She’s basically only got to worry about one thing (aside from not getting enough face time on the blog, of course.)


And because of that worry, she’s got her own seat at the dinner table. Have I ever told ya’ll this story?

Yes, it’s true. Whenever someone comes to visit, we have to take Clarabelle’s food away from the seat, clean it off, and Ceeb loses her seat for the duration of the guest’s stay. Said guest’s belongings may or may not also somehow wind up as a bed for Clarabelle (she chooses revenge in the sneakiest ways.) Ok, I kid on this part. She’s not a vindictive kitty. Just a soft one.

But I digress. Back to Clarabelle’s main concern of her life:


Dun dun dunnnnnn….the FOOD stealer!

You see, after Niko finishes her own food, she thinks it’s fun to prance on over to her sister’s bowl of yumminess (?) and eat hers, too. For a while, we just tried scolding Niko. But no matter the amount, nor intensity of our scoldings, Clarabelle always wound up with an empty bowl.

So we came up with a plan. It’s not a great plan, but Ceeb’s happy now, and try as she might, Niko can’t get to her food from all the way up on the chair.


So instead of getting to eat a second helping (which, clearly, she doesn’t need) Niko finds other ways to pester Clarabelle.

Like running up to her and licking any crumbs that might be on her face directly after eating.


Poor kitty can run…


but she can’t hide…


The crumb licker always finds her.

Until she finds her safe place – the chair.


“Try ‘n come at now, dog!”

I don’t know how she does it. Having peeps come after her food all the time. I’d go crazy! I’m very territorial with my food.

I don’t get it though. Every day, it’s a small miracle that Shane isn’t in the pantry…


eatin’ my fermenting sauerkraut.

in the fridge…


stealing my soft boiled eggs.

Or in my Tupperware…


downing my liver and onions.

HA! Totally joking. That all sounds and looks gross, but it’s true that it’s all mine. I’ve been researching a bit on superfoods and nutrients that help for pcos (from this website and this website) and liver and sauerkraut are up there on the list. And I just like soft boiled eggs.

I just don’t have to put them on my safe chair Winking smile

And that, my friends, is what you get on a sleep-deprived Friday post, when I’m running on black tea, missing my coffee dearly (another thang I’m trying to help the pcos deal. Do we see a pattern here?)

What foods to you have to guard so no one steals?

What foods do you not have to worry about anyone else touching with a 10-ft pole?

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