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Good morning!

Thank you so much for the positive feedback on yesterday’s post. I’m very hopeful, and promise to keep ya’ll updated on my progress Open-mouthed smile

The other day I mentioned how I’m not being too creative in the kitchen lately as far as coming up with new recipes of my own. There hasn’t, however, been a shortage of new recipes being produced come dinner time. Some have been not so great, and some have been exceptionally delicious, but Shane doesn’t like them *cough*lamb curry*cough* and some have been absolutely spectacular, pleasing us both.

With that said, yesterday’s eats weren’t super typical, and I have a few stories to go along with the reason behind that. Never a dull moment here, my friends!

7:30 a.m. – Breakfast


Like 5 thick strips of bacon, veggies and avocado, and teapotion.

Story #1: Remember my dilemma I mentioned the other day? Well, my four jars won’t get here until this afternoon (the horror!) so I couldn’t make my beloved pumpkin pancakes. So I decided to forgo the eggs completely, and just cooked up the rest of the bacon in the fridge I picked up from WF the other day.

Now, I cook my bacon in the oven – a gas oven – because I hate how frying it in a pan leaves my kitchen smelling like bacon for days. Perhaps I got a little impatient and didn’t want to wait 30 whole minutes. Perhaps I turned the temperature from 350 degrees to 425 degrees. Perhaps that was a little too hot. Perhaps my smoke alarm went off. Twice. At 7:30 in the morning. Erm, sorry neighbors. Luckily, my crispy bacon was worth it. (ok maybe not, that situation stressed me out a little.)

10:45 a.m. – Snack!


A snack! Half of a jewel yam topped with sea salt, full fat plain yogurt, cinnamon, and pumpkin seeds. I haven’t been too snacky lately, but 10:45 is way too early for lunch. Now, I’d normally not be hungry and eat lunch around 1:00, but not yesterday, because it’s time for….

Story #2: Wouldn’t you know it that yesterday when it came time for my usual Tuesday morning hot yoga class, I had absolutely no desire to go. This, my friends, is the first time this has happened since I’ve joined my new yoga studio. Perhaps 3 days/week for 3 weeks straight might burn me out? Better back it down to two. Despite my lack to go twist and bend in a 90 degree room, I found an even better way to clear my head:


A run! My very first outdoor run since moving to Colorado. I also decided to bring Niko along, and it was her first time running with me…ever. I checked in on her a lot, but we probably ran 3 miles and walked .5 miles for a total of 40 minutes. Do I even need to tell you how much more awesome it was running with a mountain view as opposed to a corn field view?

I’m not going to make running a super regular part of my routine, still, but if I get the impulse to go out and run because it sounds fun, I’m going to do it. Especially now that I know Niko’s a trooper and can tag along Smile

2:00 p.m. – Lunch


Leftovers from Monday night: Make ahead Thai curry, which is most certainly not my recipe. This recipe comes from Erica’s blog, and is not only the easiest Thai dish I’ve ever made, but also quite possibly the most delicious Thai dish I’ve ever made. The only switcharoo I made was using chicken thighs instead of chicken breasts. Shane and I both declared this one a winner winner chicken dinner. And lucky me got to have the leftovers for lunch.


Over spaghetti squash. Can’t wait to make this again!

7:00 p.m. – DinnerIMG_9948

Meatza, which comes from the book Well Fed, and butternut squash puree. Basically, anything that comes from my own head lately, like this butternut squash puree, is a concoction, not a recipe. For the Meatza, I followed Well Fed’s recipe, and then added mushrooms, onions, and kale as the toppings to my side, and the same plus cheese to Shane’s side.

For the b-nut squash puree, I just pureed some bnut squash I’d roasted in the morning (since my oven was already nice and piping hot from breakfast) with some coconut milk, cinnamon, and sea salt.



For dessert I had a piece of dark chocolate dipped into fresh churned almond butter….a few times Winking smile

Have a good Wednesday, folks! I’m off to the gym to try – no, to SIGN – some clients. See ya later!

Your Turn! (aka, make me feel better Smile with tongue out:)  When’s the last time you had a kitchen fiasco?

What’s a workout you haven’t done in forever that you used to do all the time?

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