Some thoughts and discussions from me.

When I read what this month’s Fitmixer Ambassador post topic was, I was 3 days away from embarking on a journey of a lifetime.


Surely, I thought, in the midst of all of this adventure, chaos, and exciting times, I’ll easily be able to do as the assignment says, and find something new to try to share with my readers.

Sure enough, I was right. My “something new?” Two words:

Hot. Yoga.


Hot yoga was among one of the workouts I said I’d never do. I even wrote about my disdain for it in this post (which was also my last day of working at my desk job at the BIC!) I just had no interest even trying it, even when I moved down the block from an amazing hot yoga studio here in Colorado.

Then I remembered this month’s blog post assignment. And I gave it a go.


My before (scurred) and after (elated) faces after my first hot yoga class.

I purchased a new student pass a couple days after new year, and went to my first class with an open mind. Wait, actually, I chickened out and made my first class one of the very few classes they offer that aren’t in a heated room.

The second time, however, I gave it a shot. Turns out, keeping an open mind (or, erm, being forced to) can be a good thing. Change can be a really good thing.


I started getting more into yoga before moving, but now I’m going 2-3 times per week. Not only have I found a new activity that I love, but I also love the way it makes me feel! My hips have never felt more open than they do now. I’m trying new poses that I never thought I’d be able to do, and I’m learning more about myself with each class.

The only thing I don’t particularly love about this particular studio is that the savasana only lasts 2-3 minutes in every single class. I like me a 10-15 minute savasana to end the class. I also kinda wish it cost about half as much as it does for a pass.

But all in all, I’m SO glad I gave it a shot, and because of this experience, I’m going to try to be open to trying yet another activity I said I’d never do *coughcrossfitcough* in the future. But that’s another post for another day…and who knows when that day will come Smile with tongue out

Your turn: What new activity have you tried lately, or are you interested in trying in the future?

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