Easy Dinner, Humbled in the Gym, + The Personal Trainer Sin I Commit Daily


Morning! Last night I was at the gym training a client until 7:00, so when it came time for dinner, I wanted something that would take less than 20 minutes. Frozen veggies + pre-cooked chicken sausage = a meal in minutes. I just added some squash (the rest of the unfortunate kabocha,) onion, mushrooms, and […]

3 Ways to Use Up Leftover Carnitas, and Untraditional Meals {WIAW}


Good morning Phew! Yesterday was a biz-zee one. I had quite a bit of work to do for online clients in the morning. Then I headed into the gym to study for my ACE Group Fitness Instructor exam for a few hours before training clients until 8:00 p.m. (which is late for me!) And yep, […]

Go On and Try Something New {Fitmixer Giveaway}


When I read what this month’s Fitmixer Ambassador post topic was, I was 3 days away from embarking on a journey of a lifetime. Surely, I thought, in the midst of all of this adventure, chaos, and exciting times, I’ll easily be able to do as the assignment says, and find something new to try […]

Coconut Chocolate Chip Bars, Carnitas, and The #1 Question I’ve Been Asked Since Moving to CO


Gooooood morning! Yesterday turned out to be a lovely Sunday. It was absolutely gorgeous in Colorado – sunny and upper 50’s, and we took advantage of it with a long walk with Niko. The rest of the day a lot of relaxing happened while dinner was cooking away for us: Carnitas! Local, organic pork from […]

Weekend Notes


*streeetttttch* Happy Sunday, guys Compared to last weekend, this weekend has been extremely low key. And when I say low key I mean both nights spent watching free On Demand movies (by the way, if you’d ever like to choose from a selection of absolutely terrible movies, check out the Free Movies section in your […]

Friday 5


Sometimes, after a particularly trying day (or night) like…say… moving way too much furniture after way too tough of a workout after way too long of a day…ahem… I have trouble stringing my random thoughts into coherent sentences. Case in point: the run on in the sentence preceding this one. Pretty much. During such circumstances, […]

Split Workout Routines + Upper Body Split Workout


Good morning How we all doing today? I’m feeling pretty darn good, except I did wake up with a little pain in my left hip. A little foam rolling action took care of that, though! Before we get into today’s post, I gotta show ya’ll last night’s dinner: Pork chops! I made yet another person’s […]

Other People’s Recipes & Story Time {What I Ate Wednesday}


Good morning! Thank you so much for the positive feedback on yesterday’s post. I’m very hopeful, and promise to keep ya’ll updated on my progress The other day I mentioned how I’m not being too creative in the kitchen lately as far as coming up with new recipes of my own. There hasn’t, however, been […]

A New Plan of Action: What I’m Doing to Cure my PCOS


A little back story: I was diagnosed with PCOS in October. You can read all about that story HERE and HERE. My last update was about 2 months ago. That, coupled with some new plans o’ action I’m taking after seeing a naturopathic doctor in Boulder compelled me to post another update. Meeting my Naturopath […]

The Best Weekend I Could Dream Up


Oh my goodness, you guys. This weekend has been pretty darn near perfect. I’m sitting down on this Monday morning, with my (half cup…we’ll talk about that soon) mug of coffee by my side, just feeling…blessed. Yes, this post was supposed to be a PCOS update, and that will come tomorrow. This morning I just […]

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