Total Body Circuit TRX Workout {Make Your Body Your Machine}


Thanks for your kind words on yesterday’s post. A little deep, but it’s back to business as usual around here today, and I have a great TRX workout to share with you!

Remember that time when I spent an entire post just gathering information from you?


results from said-poll.

Since then, I’ve been trying to plan my posts a little better, and have also been trying to post more Body Weight Workouts (like this recent one and this one,) Body image, and day to day life.

It’s kind of funny – writing a blog. The main reason I do it is because I enjoy it. I enjoy sharing tips, studies, workouts, knowledge, and life with you all. I enjoy the dialogue that happens in the comments and on social media afterward with you. And my heart swells a bit when I get the occasional email that I’ve helped or positively impacted someone’s life – whether with living a healthier lifestyle or having a better outlook on food/body image/exercise.

That said, I also write it because I want you to enjoy it. It’s the reason I asked you all to take that poll in the first place! A good handful of you voted that you’d like to see a couple TRX workouts on the blog. I posted one on Instagram back in July (and this post and video I posted 2 years ago!) but thought I’d share one of my favorite TRX – which stands for total body resistance exercise -  workouts with you today on the blog.

I haven’t been shy with my love affair with the TRX tool, either. I’m level 2 certified, teach 2 TRX classes a week, and use TRX on my own in just about every single one of my strength workouts!


If you don’t have a TRX, any suspension trainer will do. (In fact, one time I improvised with a doorway and a bed sheet for my inverted rows!)This workout is actually one I lead my class through on Tuesday (with the addition of overhead squats, chest presses, and atomic push ups – if you’d like to see those exercises, let me know!) for a total body workout. It includes a few of my favorite exercises, works the entire body, and you’ll definitely feel it after you’re done.

As always, please check with your physician before beginning any new exercise program.

Total Body Circuit TRX Workout


Da Moves:

1. Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat: When did this change from Bulgarian Split Squat, by the way? Who in the fitness industry has a problem with Bulgaria and decided Rear Foot Elevated was a better term? Anyway. Facing away from the TRX at mid-calf length and in single hand mode, place one foot in the foot cradle and the other foot on the ground. With your shoulders back, bend the front knee and push the hips back slightly as you lower into your squat. Push through the heel to stand.

2. Low Row: Facing the TRX with the straps at mid-length, grab the handles with a neutral grip. Extend the arms and walk the feet in to your desired angle. Brace the core and squeeze the glutes as you pull your chest to your hands.

3. Single Leg Squat: Facing toward the TRX at mid-length, hold the handles in a neutral grip. Lift one foot off the ground and extended in front of you (or place the heel on the ground,) as you lower into your squat with your opposite leg.

4. Power Pull: Put the TRX in single hand mode. Facing the TRX, grab the handle with one hand, and bring your other hand in line, holding a “ghost handle.” Rotate backward at the mid spine, and then powerfully pull as you reach the opposite hand up toward the anchor point.

5. Anti-rotation press: Keep the TRX in single hand mode and turn toward the side with your hands holding the handles at your chest. Walk your feet in slightly, brace the core, and extend the arms.

6. Hamstring runner: Have a seat facing the TRX with the foot cradles at mid-calf height. Place your two index fingers in each of the foot cradles, open them up into a wide inverted V, roll onto your back, and set your heels in the foot cradles. Brace the abs, squeeze the glutes, and bring the knees in over the hips. Push the hips off the ground, and extend one leg. Switch, and repeat.

7. TRX Sit up: Keeping your feet in the foot cradles, assume a lying down position with your hands over your head. Brace the abs and sit up, bringing your arms extended in front of you. Slowly lie back down, using the abs to resist gravity.

Other Notes:

-I really wanted to add three additional exercises – the atomic push up, the chest press, and the kneeling TRX fall out to this workout. I teach 4 TRX classes a week, so I have a whole gamut of exercises in the ol’ noggin. If you’re interested in more TRX workouts, I’m happy to share more!

-Don’t wear a running skirt when taking or teaching a TRX class. There will inevitably be floor exercises, and, well, it’s just an awkward situation. I may or may not know from experience.

-I learned the 5 ways to truly brace you core from when I get my level 2 certification, and that’s one little tid bit of information that I use almost every single day!

And now, I’m off to go teach a TRX class! Have a great day Smile

What’s one of your favorite fitness tools?

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