Upper Body Resistance Band Workout for Strong Arms


I’m fully aware that I tend to neglect posting upper body workouts on this blog. Lower body, metabolic conditioning workouts, and HIIT galore, but what about those strong arms? Hey, they’re important, too!

Since it was rainy all afternoon yesterday and the lighting in my house was horrible, I thought it was perfect timing to shoot a workout for you guys. OK, the lighting was a second thought, but let’s just pretend that the pictures below are crystal clear, mmk? At least moving the furniture around the living room gave me a good excuse to sweep and swiff underneath the couches – and boy, did it need it! In my next post, I’ll teach you how to knit a cat hair sweater…

Upper Body Resistance Band Workout for Strong Arms

I used a loop resistance band with a resistance of 20 pounds (which I purchased a few years ago from Perform Better,) but feel free to use an open resistance band (either with handles or one you can tie the ends together.) You can also adjust the resistance by choking up or easing your grip back on the band.

As always, check with your doctor before beginning any new exercise program!

Upper body Resistance Band Workout

Seated Row: Loop resistance band around the soles of the feet in a seated position, sitting upright. Contract the back muscles and drive the elbows and shoulders back, hold, and extend forward.

Band-resisted push up: Loop the resistance band around the back, and assume a push up position with the bands under the hands. Lower down into your push up, allowing the elbows to flare out to the sides, and press back up, feeling more resistance as you near the top.

Supine Lat Pull Down: Loop the resistance band around a low anchor point, and grab the other end with your hands, facing away, lying supine on the floor. Brace the abs and contract the lats as you pull the end of the band toward the legs, driving your shoulders down and back.

Front Raise: stand on one end of the band, and grab the opposite end with both hands. Pull upward on the band, using the shoulders to raise the arms to shoulder-height.

Band Pull Aparts: Grab the band near each end with your arms extended in front of you. Using the upper back, pull the band apart, driving the arms out ot your sides, and squeeze the shoulder blades together.

Triceps Kickback: Stand in a lunge position with your right leg forward on one end of the band, grabbing the opposite end in your right hand. Drive the elbow up and back, and then extend, using the triceps to straighten the arms.

Overhead Press: Stand on one end of the band, and grab the opposite end in both hands. Brace the abs as you push your arms up overhead, and slowly bring them back down.

Standing biceps curl: Stand on one end of the band, and grab the opposite end of the band in both hands with palms facing away from you. Anchor the elbows to your sides, and curl the band up to your shoulders, and slowly extend back down.

Love working with resistance bands! Almost all of my clients have gotten one after working with me, since it’s my preferred method of making sure to get a workout in while traveling. You never know what kind of hotel gym you’ll get (if there is one,) plus, it takes up essential zero space in a suitcase!


Tank + Crops are Lululemon

How often do you work with resistance bands?

How do you workout while traveling (if you do)?

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