Windcliff: A Vacation in a Vacation

I know I said I was done with the Colorado posts, but I’ve got one last one that – one of the most important ones, actually – where we stayed! We stayed at the Windcliff Vacation Rentals on Windcliff Dr. in Estes Park. We found it by researching the heck out of cabins and houses […]

Kitty I’m Comin’ Home

I’m HOME! Shane and I made a last minute decision to just drive the entire way home without stopping in order to make it back a little sooner. That meant 16 hours and 34 minutes in a car. And we had all day do it. As I am every single time, I was SO sad […]

Wild Basin Trails – Water Falling in Love

I may have lied to you all when I said I wasn’t going to work out this entire vacation. I’ve worked out more than ever. Well, I take that back – I haven’t stepped foot in a gym, running shoes, or any other formal exercise, but my heart rates been up, my muscles burning, and […]

The Boulder & the Beautiful (Our Day Trip to Boulder)

After a morning of hiking to Endovalley Falls, Shane and I showered up and headed to Boulder to do a little eating, shopping, and people watching. I’m convinced that Boulder is the BEST city to people watch in the US – at least Pearl Street in Boulder, that is. The first place we stopped at […]

A Thunderstorm, A Haunted Hotel, and a Hike

Good morning We’ve been awake for about an hour – just sipping on some local coffee we picked up yesterday, reading about what to do next in our RMNP literature, and gazing out the window at the Rockies. I decided to take a peak (pun!) at the pictures we took from yesterday, and now want […]

1,050 Miles Away and 9,000 Feet Up

I’m alive!! Better than alive. More alive than I’ve felt in a long time Yesterday evening, after a 17 hour drive and a day spent in Denver, we’re here in Estes Park, Colorado! We took off from Illinois around 9:30 on Thursday morning, and bypassed our first, second, and third planned stopping points for the […]

Playing with Nuts

You might have noticed a lot of my lunches including little pre-portioned servings of trail mix lately. Recently, I’ve been reading up a lot about, well, nuts, and have been loving experimenting with all the different kinds out there to make my own trail mix. This particular combo included almonds, walnuts, and dried cherries. I […]

Coco Loco

While on vacation in Punta Cana, Shane and I took advantage of the all-inclusive beverage selection. After trying out a few different concoctions, we each developed a couple “usuals.” One was refreshing (gin + club soda w/ lime) and one was decadent: the coco loco. Ohhhh, the coco loco. The pure tasty decadence alone made […]

Resort Cuisine: The Meh, The Bad, and The Ugly

G’morning! Blogging to you straight from the comfy chairs at Panera this morning: I just finished a boot camp session, now I’m having a little breakfast, and then heading into the office for the day:) —– When Shane and I went on vacation to the Dominican Republic last week, we stayed at an all-inclusive resort. […]

Slapped by a Cold Reality

No…really. As soon as we stepped off the plane in Chicago last night, we were whipped in the face with flurries and temps in the twenties. A cold reality from being in paradise earlier that morning 😛 For those who haven’t been here in a while, Shane and I spent the last eight days in […]

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