A Very Special Day

Don’t you just love Sundays with absolutely nothing on the agenda? That’s how I feel as I sit here and write this post. Perhaps a run, perhaps church, perhaps a hike. Perhaps Yesterday was anything but a free schedule, but it was still an awesome day. However at first, I woke up, planning to go […]

Healthy Living Survey

Well hey there! It’s proven to be another rainy one here today. Luckily, Niko and I got out for a 45 minute trail walk just before it started storming. Obviously I decided to make my workout a Niko walk. I figured if I’m going to rest my body, I might as well do one of […]

When I Feel My Dumbest

I love my George Foreman. The grill gets so much use in the winter time. Last night I “grilled” up some salmon on it, making a little tray out of tinfoil for my grilling vehicle. I also grilled a steak for Shane. It turned out great! Perfectly cooked, and paired with some honey mustard sauce […]

Getting Ma’amed

An extra coffee definitely happened this morning. Even better, it happened in bright pink! Does this cup look familiar? I actually bought a couple lids for my Tervis tumblers this past weekend – one for hot drinks and one for cold. It makes it very handy to grab and go. I was sipping some coffee […]

Pumpkin Primal Protein Bars

Well hello there! It’s 2:15 pm and I’ve yet to do one productive thing today. Wait! I take that back. I did go to a company Christmas brunch with Shane- that was fun. And I did get one load in the wash (it’s currently waiting for me to peel myself off the couch to switch […]

Betty White-isms

I heard a quote from Betty White the other day when she was asked about how she stays fit and in good shape at her age. Her reply? “I have a bad memory and a two story house.” Bahaha, I love her The sad thing is, I can totally relate. I ran upstairs this morning […]

Name that Movie!

Well I was certainly a little over confident in my chalk board-painting abilities yesterday! Let’s just say I had to implement a plan B…and C in yesterday’s DIY festivities. I think it’ll still come out ok though – fingers crossed As always, I overestimated the amount of time I had, and at the last minute, […]

Mystery Lunch

Well, I was pretty productive this morning! Not. Instead of getting all my Quickbooks work done, I spent nearly an hour registering and signing up for Live! with Kelly’s Spa-la-la-la-la giveaway. Have I mentioned my love for Live with Regis and Kelly! before?? I’ve watched it since 2004 (when I can) and lately my schedule […]

Overreacting Anxiety Cat

G’morning! Today I’ve already trained two early morning clients (and am about to train one more!) and then another partner training session later on. After that it’s a free fall to the weekend! So, I’m just considering today my Friday since tomorrow is a holiday for us here in the US. With that, here’s some […]

I’m a Cat Person

Growing up, and now into my adulthood, there was never a time where I didn’t have a cat as a pet. I suppose cats are easier to take care of than dogs, so we always had a cat, but I always wanted a dog. First there was Deacon, who lived to be 18 years old […]

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