Is Running Really Bad for You?


Good morning, friends! Are we all adjusting to Daylight Savings Time well this morning? All I know is that yesterday I was up at 5:30am, and it felt like the longest morning of my life. It was great! I'm a morning person, and spent some extra time … [Continue reading]

Freaky Fast Fat-Burning Circuit Workout – {No Equipment Required!}

fat burning circuit

Happy Halloween! How about a freaky fast fat-burning circuit workout to do before you begin your Halloween festivities?? Or, if you're like me, before your quiet, small gathering with friends. Personally, I've never been into Halloween all … [Continue reading]

Study Says: Weights Before Cardio to Burn More Calories


When you head to the gym for you workout, planning to do both cardio and resistance training separately, which do you typically do first? Do you choose it out of preference? Convenience? What if you knew one way would give you better results than the … [Continue reading]

How in the Heck Do I Listen to My Body?!


Is it just Colorado, or is October being really nice to everyone this year?! The past 2 weeks have been tank top and shorts days!! Naturally, I put away my summer clothes for the season precisely 2 weeks ago. Funny how that happens, right? I … [Continue reading]

Relax! It’s a Workout, Not a War.


Just a few years ago, I was a bonafide workout adrenaline junkie (WAJ.) Every single workout had to leave me feeling like I left it all out there on the gym floor/trail/pavement  - and absolutely gas me. While I do still consider myself an … [Continue reading]

Killer Kettlebell Workout for the Total Body


If you told me I could only have one tool in my fitness arsenal, I’d probably choose the kettlebell. Closely followed by TRX, then bands, barbells, and dumbbells. But yes, the kettlebell would be first on that list. It’s such a versatile tool that … [Continue reading]

5 Pre-Workout Snacks to Have – and Avoid Before You Hit the Gym


Hello, friends! I absolutely loved reading every single one of your comments on Tuesday's post. It was great to hear so many of you feel the same way, or are working toward taking a more moderate approach to fitness<3 Staying on the topic of … [Continue reading]

I’m a Fitness Professional, but I Don’t Think Fitness Should Be Your Life


Good morning! How’s your week going? Shane and I are headed back to Colorado later today, and after 5 nights away, I'm really looking forward to get back. Aside from playing in the mountains, after a week of eating at small town restaurants and … [Continue reading]

Weekly Workout Playlist + This Week’s Workouts


Hi friends! I thought I’d check in this weekend since I haven’t posted since last Wednesday. What have you all been up to?! Get any fun workouts in? Eat any delicious and nutritious food? Go on any exciting adventures?? I’m actually in Illinois … [Continue reading]

6 Reasons You’re Not Seeing Results Despite Doing “Everything Right”


No matter what I do or how little I eat, I’m still not seeing any results! It’s so frustrating. Sound familiar? It does for me. I hear it all the time from readers and gym members who seem to be doing everything right, and just aren’t seeing … [Continue reading]