Heil Valley Ranch Trail Running + Labor Day Weekend Happenings


Rocky Mountain National Park + rainbow Wow, what a jam-packed weekend of fun! While it was a super active and fun weekend, it also left me feeling pretty refreshed, and ready to tackle the week ahead! Friday morning pretty much kicked off the … [Continue reading]

10 Gym Bag Essentials for Women to Keep Your Fitness Game On Point


Let me take you back to a day in the life when I was training and managing my gym back in Normal, IL. I remember I had booked my schedule chock full that day, training from 6a-10a, managing the gym until 5p, and then training again until 7p. I … [Continue reading]

Weekly Snippets: New Favorite Protein Powder, No More Wine, and Being Real


Hi guys! Happy Friday I’m kind of digging these Friday posts where we just catch up about what’s gone down during the week. I mainly blog about fitness, body image, and Colorado stuff these days, so it’s fun to take a moment and talk about life on … [Continue reading]

The #1 Reason People Abandon their Weight Loss Plans


Did you know that people have a more productive work day on gloomy days? It’s no wonder I feel scatter-brained so often living here in Colordo with 300+ days of sunshine a year! However, yesterday was one of those rare days of gloomy weather, and … [Continue reading]

Smart Summer Snacking {Detour SMART Bar Review}


Heads up guys: the following post is sponsored by Fitfluential LLC on behalf of Detour Bar. But the text, opinions, and thoughts are all me! I consider myself a protein bar connoisseur. As a personal trainer, my clients are always asking me for … [Continue reading]

Build Your Own Workout Finisher (YTP Boot Camp Preview)


Hi friends! You guys, I have been busy pouring my heart & soul into this round’s Boot Camp program, and while it’s hard work, I absolutely love it at the same time. There’s something about designing a program for a mass of people, rather than … [Continue reading]

Hiking Grays and Torreys Peaks–14ers. Well, Mostly.


Some things don’t always go exactly as you plan in your mind. Obvious statement, right? Alas, it never fails to have a fleeting moment of “this isn’t how it’s supposed to happen” thoughts, am I right? (But I’m wrong – it is how it’s supposed to … [Continue reading]

Got a Dumbbell and 30 Minutes? You Can Do This Workout


Fun fact: I’m not a fan of super long workouts. I’m not in the camp that thinks one needs to spend hours in the gym to get results. It’s just not my style. What is my style? To be efficient, effective, and smart in and out of the gym so you don’t … [Continue reading]

Tuesday Snippets + 5 Core Exercises for Strong Abs


I never know what to write for a post on Wednesdays, so I usually end up not posting anything at all. Actually, I always intend on posting something recipe or food related, but then inevitably I forget to take pictures of my food and/or creations. … [Continue reading]

3 Hip Stretches to Do After Your Next Run


…or deadlift sesh, or spinning class, or anything that includes the hips! When I first started running back in 2008, I did it all wrong. Actually, I take that back. I started with couch 2 5k, which was one thing I did do right. I started slowly, … [Continue reading]