Shame Is Not Going to Help You


Hey there! I hope you had a splendid weekend. We kicked off our long weekend with a hike to three different waterfalls on Friday. I actually brought my DSLR on this hike, which is something I never do, took about 50 photos, and then found out only … [Continue reading]

Work from Home Day {A Day in the Life}


Hey there! I haven't done a more personal post in a while, and thought about it yesterday as I was on my morning run, so I thought I'd do a day-in-the-life type of post today. I hope you enjoy! :-)( 4:30a - wake up to Shane's alarm. He had to … [Continue reading]

How to Make Healthy Habits with Positive Association

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Two days a week, I run around town like a crazy person. I'm back and forth between two studios, teaching and training for six hours straight. Yes, Tuesdays and Thursdays are my busiest days of the week. I start training and teaching at 7:00am, … [Continue reading]

How to Do the Perfect Burpee


  I get knocked down, but I get up again! You're never gonna keep me down! Chumbawumba...anyone? It very well might just be me, but every time I do burpees I think of that song. It also might be the reason that I actually like burpees. … [Continue reading]

2-Move 10-Minute EMOM Workout


Don't be fooled by the low numbers in the title of this workout. Just because there are only two moves and 10 minutes long does not mean this will be an easy feat! Au contraire, it'll be tough. But hey, so are you, so we can tough it out … [Continue reading]



Pssst! Have you signed up for the #MoveHappy Challenge yet?! If not, check it out here! -- One of the top 3 ideas that I preach to my clients day after day is that they don't need to wait until tomorrow or Monday to 'start' or to 'get back on … [Continue reading]

Announcing the #MoveHappy Challenge!


Hey there! Every now and then it inevitably happens -  even to the best of us: we'll be trucking along with our current workouts. Maybe we're a month into our current plan, and maybe 3 months. Then bam! All of the sudden motivation is nowhere to … [Continue reading]

The 1 Thing You Can Do to Stick with Your Fitness Goals

The #1

Most people assume that workout compliance comes easily, naturally, and conveniently for personal trainers. While some aspects are helpful - like having proximity to the gym - it's not as easy as you think! In fact, now I only train a few clients … [Continue reading]

5 Ways to Choose Happy

5 WAYS (2)

Think about the moment you woke up this morning, still lying in bed. What was your first thought? Were you happy to live another day? Or did you immediately have the Monday blues? Today I want to talk about one of my very favorite topics to … [Continue reading]

My Morning Routine Nutrient Insurance


Good morning, my friends! It's been somewhat of a different week here, as my parents are in Colorado to visit! It's been over a year since their last visit, so we've been taking full advantage by seeing all the sights. They got in on … [Continue reading]