So you want to make some changes in your training and nutrition to see some results, but aren’t sure where to start.

I can help you with that.

I’m Paige Kumpf, certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, and my passion is to help women get the body and results they’re after, through smart training and effective nutrition techniques.

Megan K.

“Another awesome week. It’s amazing what following the plan can do… I feel fantastic! Saw some great strength gains and body changes this week!”

Train to Build, Not to Burn

Question: Why do you work out? Unless you’re training for a sport, your answer likely has to do with staying or getting lean, staying or getting healthy, building muscle, or building strength. The majority of the women I work with are looking to lose some body...

Trainerize Review from a Personal Trainer

Hey hey! Heads up: today’s post is for you if a) you’re a personal trainer looking or who already trains clients online, or b) if you’re curious about the platform I use to send my clients their programs each week! Program writing is a HUGE part of...

Intuitive Eating or IIFYM? Here’s My Approach

Good morning! The other day on Snapchat, I posted a video of the PBJ I had just made myself for lunch, and mentioned that I am currently practicing an Intuitive Eating approach to my nutrition. A couple snapchat friends asked me to elaborate on it, so I thought...

Nicole R.

“Seriously—this is EXACTLY what I needed to get on track and be successful for here on out. I have already recommended you to 2 different people, and I am so thankful for this opportunity!! I have learned so much to take in to the future with me about my body, nutrition, and exercises. I loved all the different workouts—the differentiation was fantastic and kept me truly looking forward to my new workouts every single day.”

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