5 Ways to Safely Add Sprints to Your Workouts


Did you know I signed up for a 10k the other day? I know, I’m as surprised as you are. It’s the first race I’ve run in more than 3 years - and I haven’t “gone on a run” in the past year. However, this race was on my 30 before 30 list – the Bolder … [Continue reading]

YTP Online Boot Camp: 8 Weeks to a Summer-Ready You!


Sold Out - *****SIGN UPS ARE NOW CLOSED***** Good morning, friends! Today I’m incredibly excited to introduce my online boot camp program! When I re-launched my online training and coaching services, I added two components: semi-private training … [Continue reading]

30 Life Things to Do Before the Big 3-0


Tomorrow I turn 29, and I’m not all that happy about it. I can feel a couple of my friends rolling their eyes, but something about being in the very last years of my twenties leaves me clinging for dear life before I turn the big 3-0. Half of … [Continue reading]

8 Tips to Have a Positive Body Image and Stop Obsessive Eating Habits


The human body. When you boil it down, it seems rather silly that such an innate thing to our being – like air – can develop so many issues, problems, and mental and emotional turmoil, doesn’t it? What should be thought of in terms of what it can do … [Continue reading]

Pre-Workout Rituals


Do you ever have those periods of time when you enjoy just about everything about your current gym/fitness routine? I think it’s one of the best feelings when I’m in a solid, feel-good fitness groove. Whether it’s a new strength program that … [Continue reading]

10 Minute No Equipment No Time Workout


Life has been pretty crazy lately as far as work’s concerned. In a good way – but I’ve had to do some altering when it comes to things like workouts and personal time. However, since I like to stay sane, and still like to get my workouts in, they … [Continue reading]

3 Things I’ve Changed My Mind About


In the 28 years (which I can only say for 10 more days before I turn 29…) that I’ve been on this earth, I’ve been wrong about some things. And I’m find admitting that. While I distrust anyone who claims absolutes (ie: dairy milk is absolutely bad … [Continue reading]

My Top Workout Songs in March 2014


Good morning, my friends! Man, this week has simply flown by. Between getting back from Cali on Monday and my schedule being packed with online training consults, it’s hard to believe we’re here at the end of the week again. In between client … [Continue reading]

6 Hot Natural Foods Trends in 2014 at Expo West


Good morning, friends As I mentioned earlier this week, last weekend I was worked at ExpoWest in Anaheim, California, with the flapJacked team. Although most of my time there was spent working, I made sure to tackle as much of the expo as I … [Continue reading]

6 Nutrition Guidelines to Follow Whether You Want to Lose Weight Or Not


Good morning! Wow, the past few days have been an absolute whirl wind! I spent Thursday-Monday in California for ExpoWest, the biggest natural health and foods expo in the world. Basically, it was Disneyland for a health foodie like me I … [Continue reading]