Protein Power with Silk Soymilk


One of the main issues I see typically with my clients is that they aren't getting quite enough protein to support their fitness and physique goals. Protein is crucial in repairing intentional muscle damage done in the gym and in workouts to get … [Continue reading]

20-Minute Conditioning Circuit + Eating & Working Out On Vacation

Tips for Eating + Training on Vacation

[Tweet "20-Minute Conditioning Circuit Workout - via @TrainerPaige "] Last week I traveled to Costa Rica to celebrate my 30th birthday with Shane. Typically when I go on vacation, I'm super lax about my workouts, and just mindful about nutrition … [Continue reading]

IGNITE Your Workout with PUMA


Comfort. Fit. Durability. Cushion. Appearance. Those are my 5 factors to determine whether a running shoe will be a good fit for me. While the first four are probably the most important, admittedly, I place appearance pretty high up on the … [Continue reading]

Why Kettlebell Swings Aren’t a Good Exercise for Cardio


Hey guys, I hope you're having a great week and have some good things in the works for the rest of it. Today I wanted to talk about a topic I'm vehemently passionate about - exercise form and safety! As a personal trainer, my utmost and number one … [Continue reading]

Sneaky Cardio Upper Body + Abs Workout and Muesli Post-Workout Bowl

15-or-30-min. BOdy weight hiit workout (4)

Good morning! Today is a very exciting day, because today's the day Shane and I close on our new house - woohoo! It's a new construction, so it's been quite a journey the past few months seeing the progress each week, and it feels surreal … [Continue reading]

Protein Pancakes + Lean & Clean Protein Powder


Wow, this week was a complete whirlwind! Shane and I have some big things in the works this month, and they're all coming to a head next week. I'm OK with dealing with big life changes, but having three of them so close together is quite overwhelming … [Continue reading]

{NEW VIDEO} Body Weight HIIT Workout + Crockpot Fire Cracker Chicken

15-or-30-min. BOdy weight hiit workout (2)

Hey friends! I have a new workout video for you today! This one is a 15-Minute Full Body Interval Workout, which you can simply turn into a 30-Minute workout by repeating all three rounds one more time through. Cameos by Clarabelle, as … [Continue reading]

5 Ways to Train Smarter Before Training Harder

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Man, I love a good high intensity workout. Don't you? Whether it's hill sprinting, broad jumping, sled pushing, or throwing some weighted ropes around, the feeling after a workout that left you feeling smoked is irreplaceable. But here's the … [Continue reading]

Interval Abs Workout, Branched Chain Amino Acids, & Post-Workout Pancakes (video)

FullSizeRender (5)

What the heck am I doing with this spatula?! Find out in the video below :-P Hey all. Happy Friday! So, if you follow me on Instagram (@TrainerPaige,) you know I post lots of 15 second videos of my workouts. Well, I thought I'd show you what … [Continue reading]

3 Things You Can Do When You Reach a Plateau


      You've likely heard the term 'plateau' before, but what does it really mean? First, the term 'plateau' is actually very¬†overused, and is often misconstrued for habits simply staying the same - or not changing … [Continue reading]