Full Day of Eating – Whole Foods Processed Foods, Clean Foods Dirty Foods

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Hey there friends :) Happy Friday! Like that title there? Haha. It's an accurate depiction of what I eat on a daily basis. I actually filmed an entire day of every morsel that I ate for you guys, but I wanted to have a lil' chat with some pre-text … [Continue reading]

Burning Off the Cookies


Good morning, my friends! I hope you're having a lovely week so far. Mine's been filled with writing assignments, online clients, in-person clients, and teaching - with a side of volleyball and housework. We are finally getting window treatments … [Continue reading]

What Happens if I Don’t Follow a Training Plan?


Hey my friends! I hope you had a delightful weekend and are feeling good on this Monday morning. It was cool to hear that many of you enjoy more posts that have a personal touch to them after publishing Friday's post. I'll make sure to include … [Continue reading]

10 Non-Fitness Facts About Me


Whoa! How's that for a blog post out of left field? Don't worry, if you only stop by here for the fitness and nutrition schtuff, we'll be back in full force with it on Monday with one of the #1 questions you should be asking about your fitness … [Continue reading]

Bodyweight HIIT: EMOM Workout + Breakfast Fish Tacos!

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[Tweet "At-Home EMOM HIIT Workout via @TrainerPaige"] Hi there, friends! I have quite a treat for you today. Well, it probably won't seem like a treat while you're doing it...you might actually be cursing me. I was. BUT - we can still call it a … [Continue reading]

A Change of Training Seasons


[Tweet "A Change of Training Seasons via @TrainerPaige"] Think about your current workout routine for a minute. How long have you been doing it? Do you look forward to your workouts? Are you continuing to make progress? Is going to the … [Continue reading]

Strength Training Routine for the Cardio Queen


As an online personal trainer, the amount of ex-distance runners that I train is incredibly high. Once a proclaimed endurance athlete, they come to me burned out, ready for a change, and ready to change their physique. I'd estimate that half of my … [Continue reading]

Healthy 15-Minute Dinners: Chicken Parm

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[Tweet "Healthy 15-Minute Dinners: Chicken Parm via @TrainerPaige"] Good morning, friends! A while back (longer than I'd like to admit) I wrote a post saying that I was starting a new series: 15-minute dinners!  Apparently, healthy … [Continue reading]

TRX Complex Workout for a Full Body Burn


Hey all. Happy Monday! I've got to say. I have been loving on the TRX lately. In the gym, I've been using it for assisted pistol squats, inverted rows, and vertical pull workout, and at home I've been using it for sweat-inducing metabolic workouts … [Continue reading]

Why I Love My Cellulite


So. Over the past few months I've been making somewhat of an effort to eat a little less butter and donuts in order to get a little more summer ready. And it's been a success. Every year I tend to gain 5 or so pounds in the winter, and then shed … [Continue reading]