Interval Workouts: The Rest is Where the Magic Happens {Part 1}

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Good morning, loves! How are ya today? Thanks so much for your discussion on the last couple of days' posts :) Today we're changing gears and bringing it back around to fitness. Specifically, let's talk about interval workouts! Interval … [Continue reading]

How to Say ‘No’ without Being Rude


Hey, hey! How's your week starting off? Yesterday was somewhat of a catch-up day for me. It's typically reserved for check-ins with my online clients in the morning, and then blog post writing in the afternoon. During that mid-morning and early … [Continue reading]

Know Your Priorities to Know When to Say ‘No’


Hello, friends! Did you have a good weekend? :) Friday morning we had the flooring people here (quick backstory: Shane and I moved into a new construction in April, but the flooring unfortunately wasn't up to par - i.e. knicks, etc. - so they're … [Continue reading]

Things I Find Awesome: Glute Challenge, 20×20 Workouts & More!


Hi friends! Before we get started, I wanted to remind you: today's the last day that you can get Body Weight Burn for 40% off! After today, the price will increase :) Today I thought I'd lighten things up around here and talk about some things … [Continue reading]

Peanut Butter Cup Overnight Oats


Heyyyy. How's the week going? I'm happy to hear ya'll liked the deltoid domination post on Tuesday! Yay muscles ;) This week's been pretty great so far. It's been a lighter work week, which means play has been on the heavy side. Tuesday after a … [Continue reading]

Deltoid Domination – 3 Best Exercises for Building the Shoulders


Hey hey, how's it going? I hope your Monday went well! The majority of mine was spent writing - I try to reserve Mondays to knock out as much writing work as I can for the week - but also included a trip the vet and a volleyball … [Continue reading]

The Antidote to Being in a Funk


Heyyy there! Before we get started, I wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who already picked up a copy of Body Weight Burn! I can't wait to hear how you do with it :) How was your weekend? We had Shane's family staying at our house, so it was a … [Continue reading]

Body Weight Burn: 12 Week At-Home Workout Guide to Create a Strong, Lean Physique!

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Good morning, friends! Today I'm incredibly excited to introduce to you my new Workout Program Guide! After running several successful online boot camps and group coaching programs in the past year, I wanted to create something that anyone … [Continue reading]

Bodyweight Circuit Workout with Combination Exercises


Hey there! The other day I realized, holy time warp - it's the end of July! July happens to be my favorite month of the year since I'm such a summer girl at heart. As such, I made a promise to myself to not take advantage of these last few days of … [Continue reading]

Top 7 Podcasts to Do My Best in Fitness, Business, and Life


Good morning, my friends! Have a good weekend? Mine was low key, but filled with lots of relaxing, hiking, and a little work on the side. That's always a recipe for happiness, if ya ask me! (Snapchat= TrainerPaige) And of course - some … [Continue reading]