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Are the workouts you’re doing now truly working for you? Do you see progress from week to week, or have a solidly designed program written to get you results?

Are you 100% satisfied with your nutrition? Is the way you’re currently eating fueling your workouts, keeping you satisfied, and getting results?

You might be a great fit for my Lean Body training & nutrition program that starts on February 13th.


Many of the clients who come to me before signing up for this program are overtrained, under eating, or eating the wrong foods at the wrong times — and following a training plan that doesn’t bring them results (or not following a plan at all.)

Through making some changes to their macronutrients and their nutrient timing, or the timing at which you eat your protein, carbs, and fat, my clients often see differences in sugar cravings, their bodies, and the way their clothing fits after just 1-2 weeks.


“I’m down 3 pounds, and it’s been an amazing how I’ve noticed I’m not hungry in between meals. Having a higher fat/protein diet, really has kept me full. Also, I’m not getting my ~3pm sugar/snack cravings because of a higher protein lunch which is when I would snack the most.”

Tara D.

In this program, we will be working to change up the amounts of protein, carbohydrates, and fat you’re eating in the day in order to burn body fat more efficiently, build lean muscle tissue, increase feelings of satiety from your meals, and deliver consistent energy every day.

You’ll also make some positive changes to your nutrient timing, or the timing of which you eat your food and meals, which has a significant impact on your ability to burn body fat, use fat for fuel, stay full and satisfied from your meals, and look and feel your best.

On the training side, you’ll participate in my 6-week strength training and HIIT workout program. I can assure you that this is NOT a cookie cutter program, and it is my best program yet. You won’t see another training program out there like this, and you can choose between the At-Home track or the In-the-Gym track.

I do ask that you have a base knowledge of nutrition and experience with strength training, but I do not require every client to track macronutrient grams. Tracking grams can be a great tool for some, while leading to obsession for others. There is truly no wrong approach here.

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Before, I was eating ‘clean,’ felt constantly hungry throughout the day, and overtraining, and wondering why I wasn’t seeing results. After changing up my macronutrients, and their timing, as well as switching up my training to be more effective, I saw my body change.

I’m also able to eat more calories, easily maintain a physique about which I feel confident, and I never feel deprived. Not to mention, I sleep better, and my energy is up.


What you get in Lean Body Boot Camp:
  • Customized macronutrients (or estimating portions,) with adjustments every 2-3 weeks
  • nutrient timing and carbohydrate cycling guidelines and strategies to follow
  • Grocery lists, sample meal plans, my meal prep guide, and my travel guide
  • Access to your own training platform, that’s accessible from your computer and mobile phone, with your workouts, video demos, training plans, macros, progress, and more (I pay a premium for this program, and my clients absolutely LOVE the app)
  • 6 weeks of workouts, with new workouts every week (you will have the choice between the At-Home and In-the-Gym track)
  • Daily accountability check-ins, weekly challenges, and bi-weekly in-depth check-ins
  • My commitment, coaching, and expertise as a trainer and nutrition coach to help you succeed in your goals


As soon as you sign up, you’ll receive an email from me with the next steps. Then 7 days before our start date, I’ll send out all of our ‘getting started’ information and material, including getting more information from you/sending your client consultation, setting up your training platform, adding you to the group, and getting initial information. You will have everything you need to hit the ground running on our start date the week before we begin.

This program is $179 for the 6 week program — which is the LAST time I’ll be offering it at this lower price — and I always offer a satisfaction guarantee. The pricing on this program will increase in the spring, due to the amount of individualized attention given to each participant.

You can register below. In order to be able to give individual attention to all participants, I am capping registration at 20 participants. After signing up, I’ll be in touch shortly with the next steps to secure your spot! Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Lean Body Boot Camp has provided answers to questions I didn’t know I had. How can I lose weight and not be hungry? How can I get stronger but not spend my life working out? How can I feel better about this body I’ve been given but not be a slave to it? I am so much more empowered than I’ve been in forever. The time in the gym is such a gift and Paige’s workouts fly by. Once you get started the workout is over before I know it. You will not be disappointed.

Jennifer J.

I lost a few inches (hooray!) and saw major strength gains! I tackled chin up’s and am SO close to getting my first pull up. Working with Paige and the online bootcamp format couldn’t be more seamless! She’s their to support you along the way and the programming and nutrition information is so helpful.

Katie L.

I got way more than expected working with Paige in her Lean Body Boot Camp! I absolutely loved the kick-butt workouts, flexibility and accountability for the workouts and nutrition. Using the app made doing the workouts very convenient and I loved how Paige was always available to answer questions. I can’t wait to continue working with her!

Anna G.

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