Currently (The Time I Marked My Territory)

Hi guys! Happy Friday.

I’m happy to report last night’s sleep went much better than the previous night’s, as I actually slept.

I try to keep it light over here on the blog on Friday’s, so today’s post is thanks to Lauren, whose blog I found this fun little survey (and she saw it on her friend Jenny’s.) Enjoy Open-mouthed smile

Current books: I haven’t talked about the books I’ve been reading at all lately! Right now I’m reading Insurgent by Veronica Roth:


I finished Divergent last week and immediately dove into her next book.

And I’m also reading a Patterson – 11th Hour


Current music: Hmmm, I haven’t really been listening to music lately! I guess whenever I get in my car, I’ve got Jason Mraz on.


Love that guy. I realllly want to see him in concert.

Current guilty pleasure: Hmmm. I mostly don’t feel guilty about my pleasures. Oh! I got one. These gluten-free brownies from a bakery in Denver:


They make me feel not so amazing after I’ve eaten a couple (read: sugar rush, tummy trouble) but they taste oh so amazing going down. I discovered them because that’s what they served at the Cheesecake Factory, and they were even better than the regular brownies! Incredible. I want to make the 45 minute trip to Denver just for these brownies!

Current nail color: Nada. I can’t remember the last time I painted my nails. I’m horrible with keeping my nails pretty.

Current drink: Tea! Right now, I’ve been drinking these two:




Both are beneficial for hormone regulation and  managing PCOS. I had been drinking the former, and found out from Tara that spearmint is great for it, too! So I’m giving it a shot. They don’t taste all that great, though. I’m also on a big coffee kick – I’ve been making a French Press every morning and drinking the majority of it.

Current food: Eggs, full fat plain organic yogurt, sweet potatoes (of all varieties)


I think I know what’s for breakfast today!….and dark chocolate and trail mix. And coconut butter!

Current favorite show: Besides Jeopardy? I’ve been loving Real Housewives of Atlanta lately.

Current wish list: iPAD!!!!


Current needs: Furniture for the living room.

Shane and I were unsuccessful in our attempts to furnish the living room, so it’s still occupied by our temporary furniture. It’s such a difficult decision!

Current triumphs: Starting operation master bathroom decoration!



Shane still needs to put the two shelves up above the toilet, but it’s a work in progress Winking smile I’ve always wanted an all white bathroom – white towels, white flowers, etc. The white floors and meh white counter tops in this one kind of derailed my plans, so I’m doing white and browns/tans instead.

Current bane of my existence: Let me show you.


The one single thing I miss most about our former house: having a fenced in yard. Shane and I have been so spoiled in that late at night and early in the morning, all we had to do was open the slider to let Niko out. Now it’s a production of putting on coats, boots, and leashing her up.

OK, want to hear a short story that I’ll probably wish I didn’t tell you? Well, the other morning I locked myself out and got SO dang fed up of taking Niko out in the wee hours that I went to Pet Smart and got a patch of grass to put on the patio for her to use. Well, that failed. All she’ll do is sit on it and look at me, utterly confused. Then, I went to Target and got pee pads. They’re supposed to give the scent off that makes dogs want to take a leak on them. Yeah, not for Niko.


Exasperated, I just left it on the floor to see if maybe she’d take to it. No such luck. Then the other day I was watching Ellen and Courtney Cox was on. Turns out SHE just moved into a condo and is having the exact same problem I am! She got the pee pads and her dogs didn’t want to do a thing to them. You know what she did? Peed on the pee pads herself. She said she marked her territory on the pee pads….and it WORKED. My eyes got wide as I contemplated doing the same. Well, folks, desperate times call for desperate measures, and I took her advice. I marked my territory on Niko’s pee pads. And?


Still no luck. Turns out Niko’s unphased by my scent. She just sits there and looks up at me while I say “GO POTTY!!!” Moral of the story? Don’t try to re-potty train a 4 year old dog. Just don’t.

Ok…yeah…moving on.

Current celebrity crush: Jax from Sons of Anarchy (Charlie Hunnam)


I mean, seriously.

Current indulgence: Didn’t I mention this earlier? Dark chocolate and trail mix. And gluten-free beers.


Yum. Apparently I have a goody shelf in the fridge, and this is it.

Current blessing: Having this as my view on my neighborhood walk with Niko.


I mean, seriously!

Current slang: Hmm. I guess I say “yo” a lot of after saying things with those I’m very informative with…yo. (a la Jesse Pinkman)

…who happens to be my other celebrity crush. And apparently saying, “I mean, seriously…”

Current outfit: You really wanna know? OK.


I actually have some really cute matching jammies on, but of course in Paige fashion, I slap on a sloppy alma matter hoodie over top anyway. I’m about to change for the gym, though. And yes, I wear sandals instead of slippers around the house. I get that from my mama.

Current excitement: SHANE COMES HOME TODAY!!!! He’s been in Normal for the past 2 weeks.


Yep, we moved out here, and he had to go back to Normal 3 days later. So I’ve been out here by myself since then. All I’ve gotta say is thank goodness for yoga and blends.

Current mood: tired. antsy!

Current link: huh?

Your turn!

What’s your current excitement?

What’s your current slang?

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  1. I have been sleeping terribly myself lately! Don’t know what’s up with that? The bathroom looks great!

    I often tell my fur babies that God new what He was doing when He made you so cute…otherwise… LOL! 😀
    Shannon ~ My Place In The Race recently posted..They’re BitesMy Profile

  2. That’s hilarious about the pee pads! I think it definitely works better with younger dogs, my MIL’s dog has been trained on them and he uses it all the time. Nice, because it means no one has to get up at 2:30 in the morning if he has to pee.
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted..Five Thing Friday.My Profile

  3. I love that shower curtain. It’s so pretty! I don’t watch Sons of Anarchy and for some reason, that picture looks just like Spencer Pratt to me. That’s who I thought it was at first and I found it strange that anybody would have a celeb crush on him. Whoops, haha!
    Carly @ Snack Therapy recently posted..Tangy Lemon Almond ChickenMy Profile

  4. My nails are currently naked as well… need to fix that this weekend. :)
    Amy @ Second City Randomness recently posted..New Year, New ChapterMy Profile

  5. This just made my day. Too funny! The visual I have going on in my head right now is hysterical. Thank you for that laugh 😉
    Gina @ Running to the Kitchen recently posted..Persimmon vanilla bean smoothieMy Profile

  6. I love that you peed on the pee pad!!! That is too funny, you gotta do what you gotta do! P.s. i love your jammies, where did you get them I need new ones!
    Kaitlin @4loveofcarrots recently posted..Things I’m loving FridayMy Profile

    • DKNY! They make my absolute favorite PJ’s. They’re just so soft! They’re also kinda pricey, so I treat myself to a pair once or twice a year only.

  7. Your bathroom looks cute, especially that shower curtain – super cute!
    Now as for re-potty-training…good luck! Eeeep!
    Katie @ Talk Less, Say More recently posted..Fitness Friday / Pretty Muddy Discount CodeMy Profile

  8. LOL I had to laugh at the pee story! My cat won’t stop peeing on the floor right next to his litter box. Damn animals!

    Jesse Pinkman is responsible for me greeting everyone with ‘yo, bitch’! I’m waiting for the day I do it inappropriately – I’m sure it will happen!

    And yay for spearmint tea! I feel like all I do is drink tea! I have English Breakfast in the morning, spearmint in the afternoon and camomile before bed. Lucky I live in the land of tea 😉
    Tara @ Sweat like a Pig recently posted..Improving grip strengthMy Profile

  9. I LOVE Traditional Medicinals teas! I’ve been drinking the Everyday Detox lately too, and I agree that it just doesn’t taste fantastic. Throat Coat, on the other hand, is nothing short of a miracle when you have a sore throat.

    Also, I love that you peed on the pad and then shared it on your blog…so good :)

  10. That is too funny! I think I will make a fenced in yard a requirement when I move with Sophie. Or move somewhere super warm! She’s very stubborn too. Must be a puppy thing 😉 I love that everyday detox tea too. So good!
    Danielle (@CleanFoodCreativeFitness) recently posted..Paleo Turkey MeatloafMy Profile

  11. Paige.. you crack me up.. I love your blog! You are so real.. and the visual I got when I read the “pee pad” story had me dieing!!

    I love Jax.. such a hottie.. unfortunately we don’t have cable so I have to wait until Sons is on Netflix. and The Walking Dead .. which totally bites but it’s better than a 100 cable bill we can’t afford right now. Housewives of Atlanta is my fave housewives and thankfully I can keep tabs via hulu. Who’s your favorite.. I think Phadrea is hilarious. at first I didn’t like her but she’s grown on me.

    My go to trail mix combo is cashews, dried blueberries.. (omg so good) and dark choc chips (ghiradelli, I’m sure I didn’t spell that right)

    I can relate to your husband being gone.. my hubs works outta town majority of the time, usually M-F but sometimes it’s M-TH.. those are nice 3 day weekends together. It’s hard but we are used to it. I’m sure it’s hardest on him being in a hotel room instead of at home with your family. I don’t know how he stands it. and it’s hard on our kids. They miss their dad!

    • Awww thanks! I’ve never claimed to be normal, haha 😉
      I’m sure that is SO hard! But I bet it really makes you cherish the time you do have together.

  12. You PEED on the pad!! Ahahahaha!!! :) That is awesome. The things we do for our doggies!!
    Your bathroom looks fabulous, and I LOVE Jason Mraz. My favorite song is “Sleeping to Dream.” Ahhhhhh…..
    And I don’t know that guy Jax, but daummmmmmmn! He reminds me a bit of one of my celebrity crushes, Chris Hemsworth. Have you seen Snow White and the Hunstmen? OMG. It’s worth it JUST for him. I can’t take it!!!
    YAY for Shane coming home!!
    Lauren @ Oatmeal after Spinning recently posted..Strawberry Rhubarb Pie SmoothieMy Profile

  13. I really like how we’re twinning with our post titles:) Now I’m going to have to do this survey. I love ’em. Baha at the pee story, I love that. Man, I’m tired as well. I think I’ve been drinking too much coffee. Oh and staying up too late.
    Lisa recently posted..CurrentlyMy Profile

  14. I just spit out my water when I read that you used the pee pad!! Hilarious! Poor Niko… I haven’t been sleeping good either… I wonder what’s up??
    Brittany @ Delights and Delectables recently posted..Friday FiveMy Profile

  15. I loved Divergent too! I should check out her other books as well.
    Liana@RunToMunch recently posted..Making Breakfast More Exciting With belVita Breakfast BiscuitsMy Profile

  16. I say “yo” everytime someone calls my name. I’m not ashamed. 😛

    Sooo..I saw that you might try to go to the Blend Retreat this May? I’m hoping that the funds work out, because I would LOVE to meet you!
    Alaina recently posted..Three Months InMy Profile

    • I love it :)
      Yes! If all pans out financially (read: I start getting some clients! lol) then yep. I would love to meet you, too!

  17. I am the worst with keeping my nails painted! The thing is, my hands look so much better (read feminine) when I do. I’ve started at least putting a clean nail strengthener on them. My nails get really dry in the winter just like my hands do so I think it helps to at least do that.

    Yay! Shane is coming home! Enjoy your man this weekend!
    Sarena (The Non Dairy Queen) recently posted..Friday Fodder!My Profile

  18. I needed a laugh after my day chained to my desk. Perhaps market your own line of pee pads? Paige’s Puppy Pads, complete with urine cup for the owner. Ha!

    I get pedi’s every month and do my own mani’s once a week. The make my hands look so much better!

    Nice goody shelf. That wouldn’t last in my house more than 1 night. I’m a chocoholic and it’s not allowed in the house. I’m 2 weeks chocolate free. Heck, I even managed a trip to Walgreens tonight and didn’t buy any. Huge accomplishment!!!! :-)

  19. Your bathroom looks so cute! I like jason mraz too. mmmm…the brownies 😉
    Erica recently posted..Launch Day & Restaurant WeekMy Profile

  20. Oh my God your VIEW! Just, wow. I would die for that view! All I see on my walks are city streets and buildings. No where near as pretty!
    Meghan @ After the Ivy League recently posted..What I Haven’t Been Telling YouMy Profile

  21. LOVE Jason Mraz! I’ve seen him in concert twice now and absolutely loved it both times. He puts on a great show.
    Sara @ Magia e Pasta recently posted..Pho and CupcakesMy Profile

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