Jillian Michaels’ Yoga Meltdown Review

I think I’m going to start omitting telling you guys when I take Niko on walks. It’s never an integral part of the post, and I think I mention it in every single post. This is because I walk her a LOT. In fact, yesterday when I got home from work (and took her for […]

My Favorite Yoga Poses

Afternoon! Glad you guys liked the medicine ball circuit workout from this morning. Please let me know if you try it out! This morning’s run was absolutely gorgeous. I don’t know how the weather is wherever you are, but here in Illinois it’s dry and in the upper seventies, which is absolutely perfect to me. […]

Chubby Cheeks

I sure do love my Thursday mornings lately. I get the majority of it to myself, so I don’t feel one tad guilty for lying around in bed a few extra minutes after waking. However, a light morning usually means a busy rest of the day, as such does today, but I just won’t think […]

A New Toy & Honey Nut Butter

A rebirth.   Yesterday in between cleaning and a nap, I busted out a new toy. It’d been kicking it in the back of my car the whole week, just waiting for a moment of free time where I could take it out and put it to use! I’ve been in dire need of a […]

The Rotten Egg

Psst! Don’t forget to enter the LARBAR giveaway! It’s only a 24-hr giveaway and ends today at lunch! Hi guys! Hope you’re reading this post in good spirits this morning Unfortunately, last night’s slumber was about as productive as Monday night’s, but I’m not even in a bad mood about it. Because today brings about […]

Wednesday Intention + Almond Cinnamon Sugar Crackers

I love going back and reading past posts from a year ago. Funny how last year, the weather channel was warning of of blizzards and the biggest snow storm in 10 years! – which led to a snow day the next day. And today it’s mild with highs in the upper forties. In fact, I […]

That Extra Umph

Morning Today’s my first day back to work since last Wednesday. To say I’m moving a little slow would be an understatement I’m not complaining though – after today I have the weekend off (except for training a few clients here and there) until Tuesday. Score! I started my morning like I do every morning […]

Winter Gym Production

As I was layering up to head to the gym this morning, I realized that going to the gym is really a production. I have my pre-gym production down to a science. It goes like this: Drink cup of coffee while checking and responding to email. Make BCAA drink while changing into gym clothes. Now, […]

Super [tasty] Drink

Why didn’t you guys tell me Kefir is, like, the best dairy product out there?! This past weekend I picked up a bottle of Helios kefir since I’d had a coupon for it for quite some time now. I’ve always heard it touted as a probiotic super drink, but for some reason was never inclined […]

Thanksgiving Thoughts

First thought upon waking up today: Happy Thanksgiving!!!! (to all my US friends ) Second thought: OWwww!! My shoulders are sore from power yoga yesterday. Third thought – upon stepping out of bed: Yipes! My hamstrings are sore from power yoga class. Not all yoga is equal, my friends. Power yoga = a workout. In […]

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