My Favorite Things

Gooood morning! How are we all doing today? Yesterday after getting off of work, I headed straight to the salon to get my ends trimmed off: No big changes, just a trim. I’m actually trying to grow out my natural color, which is more of a golden/strawberry blonde. Right now I kind of have the […]

A Date to the Vineyards

Wondering where Shane took me on our mystery date yesterday? To the vineyards! Well, a vineyard. One of two near where we live. It’s slim pickin’s here in Central Illinois. (You can read about the last winery we went to – the other of the two here.) Regardless, it was such a nice day and […]

Bring Us Some (white chocolate bread) Pudding

Merry Christmas Eve!! Shane and I took this picture yesterday after exchanging our ornaments. Every year since I moved in with him (2007) we’ve exchanged ornaments. Here’s this year’s– His, to me: Mine, to him: I gave a shot at making mine, and it turned out… all right. Luckily, Shane is “it’s the thought that […]

Trivia for Dishes

Yesterday turned out to be a really fun day! After training a client and running a couple errands (Target and Sam’s Club, which were each equally scary on Black Friday even at 11:00 a.m.) I finally got in that workout. I find it really hard to workout once it’s past 10:00, so I had to […]

Samples and Tastings

Yesterday after training clients and then making lunch, I convinced Shane to head out and run some errands with me. First stop: Friar Tuck. Every they send us wine of the month deals, and we hadn’t used the past two months. We were determined to go out there and try November’s Pinot Noir, though There […]

Plans are for the Birds

Yesterday was quite the adventurous Saturday! It started out innocently enough. I woke up and immediately headed to the farmer’s market so I could stock up on organic meat and grass fed beef, since it was the last weekend for the outdoor farmer’s market this year (tear.) Then it was a working Saturday as I […]

Dining Out on Memorial Day Weekend

Hellooooo down there!!! Coming atcha this morning while drinking out of my HUGE new coffee mug Shane brought me back from Orlando while on a business trip. And he says he doesn’t support my mug collecting habit Morning, friends! Happy Sunday  Are you a little happier because you know tomorrow’s a holiday?? It’s actually not […]

Bad Influences

For the last five nights, I’ve eaten dinners that have been healthy, veggie-filled, quick, and cheap. Last night I had Monicals: The past five nights I’ve been going it solo while Shane’s been away at a business conference. The first night he’s back and we’re going at cheesy, delicious pizza! I’d probably be 10 pounds […]

And Tonight’s Gonna Be a Good Night

Let’s get this party started, yo! I picked Destiny up at the train station after I got done working at the gym yesterday and we got right down to bridal shower bonanza business. After hitting up several locales for last minute errands, we came home and chowed down and drank up! Noodles and Co – […]

Don’t Laugh At this Exercise + Day 2 in Punta Cana – the Sunburn

…no seriously. Don’t laugh or your abs will hurrrt In a good way! One of the questions I get a lot in emails and on the blog is what my favorite ab exercises are. So, I’m going to start a tab on the blog called abs when I get back from this little paradise I’m […]

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