Cool Cucumber-Berry Summer Salad

Morning, all Have a good weekend? I had so much fun I didn’t have time to blog! Well, I suppose half of it was work, but….work hard, play hard, right? As far as playing went, Friday night I went out with a group of girlfriends (as did the rest of the town of Normal) and […]

Mesca-what? And This Week’s CSA Stash

Hi guys! Happy Sunday I’m having a productive little one over here so far. I switched a couple clients to today, so after training, I had a bit of energy to burn off (I had a big breakfast!) so I hit up the gym to do about a 45 minute lower body workout. I did […]

{Healthy} Orange Chocolate Cookies

Hi guys! I’ve got the morning open (I can’t say the same for the rest of the day!) so I took advantage of it with a quick run. It’s my first outdoor run in about two weeks. I took the week and a half off in Colorado off from all traditional exercise, but on Saturday […]

Veggies for Breakfast

Good morning! Although Shane and I got back from our trip late late Friday night, today’s the first day back to reality. I’ve got a client to train here in a couple minutes, and then will be heading into the office for a while. I’m feeling a bit like Niko is this morning: I have […]

Roasted Riced Curried Cauliflower

Hey guys – I’m just popping in to put up the recipe for last night’s roasted curried riced cauliflower. I got a few requests to post it – so here it is   This “rice” complemented the chicken tikka masala excellently. I seriously didn’t even miss the real rice. The flavors really popped with it, […]

Outta the Boy Shoes

Before the lazy dinner ensued, I stopped by the local running store and picked up a new pair of runners last night! (I’ve never called them runners before, but that’s what the box called them and I liked it) It’s been nine months since I’ve bought new running shoes, but in my defense, the last […]

Shake Off the Stress

Edited to add: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear mom!! I love you, Mom!!! <3 — Action, action, action! Can you guess what the theme of my Sunday was? I definitely got my fair share of physical activity in for the day 😀 After my morning run, I trained a few clients (while doing several exercises […]

All-Exclusive Food + Another Birthday

Another birthday comes around…this girl’s gettin’ older! Hey, I never said more mature 😉 Yep, today I turn the big 2-6 It’s kind of an odd birthday today, though. What with just getting back from Punta Cana early Saturday morning and having such a full plate of things to come back to, today’s birthday seems […]

Butternut Squash and Kale Soup

My mom, who is a retired junior high school teacher, now teaches college level English part time. She was recently at a lunch event for the college. As soon as the event was out she called me, beaming that there were two options for the lunch, and she opted for the vegan (or vay-gan as […]

Soul Searing Vegetable Soup

I’ve publicly declared I’m not a soup person. To me, soup just doesn’t qualify as a meal. My meals have to have some chew. A meal can’t be called a meal and also be able to be slurped in its entirety! Sure, soups can be filling, but that usually just lasts a little while. It […]

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