Water Content in Food

Shortly after training one of my morning clients, I was checking my email and responding to blog comments, when I happened upon an email in my inbox that ignited some unexpected excitement. One of my articles was published today! I’ve just recently begun freelancing, so when I see my name in print, I get a […]

Four Fitness Facts Friday

How’s that for alliteration? Good morning, my friends, and happy Friday! Is it just me, or did this week seem to fly by? I can’t believe it’s already Friday and the weekend is right around the corner. I’ve got a few clients, followed by a few hours at work, a couple appointments. Then it’s weeeeeeknd […]

Personal Trainer for a Day–Trainer Lindsay

Hi guys! It’s a dreary one here in central Illinois today. Makes working inside all afternoon seem not too bad Desk lunch: I told you guys to get used to this lunch! I even had leftover Thai food in the fridge – and went for this instead. It’s just such a yummy – and satisfying […]

Workout to Burn Out

Hi guys! How was your weekend? It was pretty cold and dreary here, but aside from that, not too shabby! Saturday after work, Shane and I headed out for drinks at our favorite place down town, and then to the Thai House for dinner (hence yesterday’s little game.) Yesterday, I went to the gym to […]

What Makes you Go to the Gym

Whoa! Did any of you happen to do the tempo treadmill workout from this morning? Talk about intense!! I can’t remember the last time I ran over 5 miles with such intensity. It was a great feeling Also – for those who wanted to know about the taste of the Modern BCAA’s – not too […]

Possibly Cancerous

I know full well that today is Wednesday but for some reason it feels SO much like a Friday! I’m not sure if it’s because I had a short day today or what, but I have to keep reminding myself that today is, in fact, Wednesday (wait..right? ) and that I will, in fact, have […]

Gym Judging

Lookie what I did this morning: Time to get extreme, baby!!! – Chalene’s words. And no, no picture of me doing the video, because I post enough tooly pictures of myself on this blog The workout was actually a lot of fun I completed the 45 minute burn it off cardio workout shortly before leaving […]

Work Turned Play

What I thought was going to be a day filled with cleaning and catch up work, ended up being a day filled with fun! Around 11, I got a phone call from my good friend, Kori, who I rarely see, telling me she was on her way into B-town! This calls for all other agendas […]

Tag of the Day

If there’s one food I’d have to bank on never getting old, it’d be the apple. Nearly every single day, about 45 minutes before lunch, I have an apple as a snack. And every single day, I crave it and look forward to it! It’s also why I buy apples by the bagful instead of […]

Mid-Morning Snack Bad for You?

Here to see if you won the House of Tsang Giveaway? Find out in this morning’s post! I’m happy to report today is going MUCH better than yesterday. Swimmingly, I’d even call it! Now that’s something for a Tuesday, right Amy? It’s been a productive day at the office, and while I don’t have my […]

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