Move it Monday: Living Room Workout


Man, you guys know how to much a girl feel loved! Thank you SO much for the feedback on the new blog. I absolutely love it, so I’m so glad you all do too. And sorry to those of you who were a bit confused at first, hehe! Before we get into today’s Move it […]

30 Minute Boot Camp Workout

Hi, friends! I couldn’t wait to get out of work yesterday, because as soon as I did, I picked up this pretty lil’ thing at the train station! My long lost love, Destiny! Destiny is staying with us for the night while she’s in town from Chicago, and I am always SO happy to have […]

Evening Energy & a Lower Body Blast Workout

Last night I did something I haven’t done in…well, in enough time that I can’t even remember the last time. I went to the gym in the evening! On a Sunday at that. Yesterday during the day, I met my parents in Peoria for a little shopping and late lunch, and when I got back […]

Ten Minute Triceps

Good morning! Even though today is a light day for me, it just does not feel like a Friday. Wednesday, for some reason, felt more like a Friday than today does. Weird. But I’ll go with it Before we get in to today’s post, I’d be remiss if I didn’t share the dinner I made […]

Problem Cabinets

This morning I want to take a break from food and fitness talk, and instead discuss something that I have to deal with every single day – the dishes. Every morning when I wake up (after chugging water, peeing, and letting Niko out,) if I didn’t do all the dishes the night before, I’ll put […]

Medicine Ball Circuit Workout

(workout at the bottom of this post) Well yesterday turned out quite differently than I expected! As I was driving to my third (and final) client’s house of the morning, I got a phone call from my friend Heidi saying that one of her babies was sick. The trip to Chicago was off! Although I […]

Because I’m 12 Years Old…

Humor Games: Ha! *does a Peeta dance* I just can’t. I can’t. *dies* Hopefully that got a laugh out of you guys, too, as I’m guessing 90% of you have seen The Hunger Games Safe bet? Although today’s one of my marathon days, it’s more than half way over and so far I can’t complain. […]

Love for the Newbies

One of my favorite parts about being a personal trainer is meeting with new clients. I love meeting new people, so that first training session with a new client is something that I don’t take lightly. Whether they are brand new to exercise or they’ve worked out their entire lives, taking on a new client […]

Late Night Java Tooth

Last night’s presentation ended up going really well Like I said yesterday, I was a bit nervous, but after I got going, my nerves left the building (Lindsay, you were right!) I think the audience really enjoyed it, too, which is always such a bonus One super weird thing that happened in the middle of […]

Let’s Be Real Here

Do you ever gone into Sunday evening wishing there was just one more day to the weekend?… OK let’s be real here: do you ever gone into Sunday evening NOT wishing there were one more day left of the weekend? Yeah, yesterday was definitely one of those Sunday’s. I think it was the whole, being […]

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