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Smile for the Camera + Fakeology Shake

Well look here, we made it through Monday! I don’t know about you guys, but I wasn’t quite so sure there for a minute, as packed as mine was. But surprisingly, it sped by! Today started out relatively calm, though, despite not getting hardly any sleep (I’ll get to that in a minute.) My early […]

Everyday Celebrations

Today’s a great day already because it’s the first time I’ve run outside on a week day since October 6th! (I totally had to go back and look at past posts to find that out because it’s been so long.) I did have a steady state treadmill run planned for today’s workout, but shortly after […]

Favorite People Foods

Before I get into today, I have to share last night’s dinner with you guys. Feeling quite indecisive, I let Shane pick the meal: spaghetti, chili, or pork chops. I very rarely buy and cook pork chops, so I had a feeling he’d pick them, and I was right. I had to run out around […]

Mexican Red Beans and Rice Bowls

To be honest, I was somewhat at a loss on what to cook for dinner tonight! I had to run and train two clients during the prime dinner hours (at least in our house) so I knew I wanted it to be speedy. So…I stood in front of the fridge with the door wide open […]

Breaking the Fast a Little Later

Usually Fridays FLY by at the speed of light, but this one has been taking its time for a change. It’s only 3:00 pm, but seems like it’s around 5:00. Hey – I’m not complaining I took an RPM class after training a client this morning, and it was fabulous! It was my first time […]

Happy Howl-a-Ween

Happy Howl-a-ween, my friends! You won’t be screaming in fear during this post, but instead squealing in cuteness overload **** Molly’s pup, Roosevelt as a shark! Lindsay’s brat/cat, Scarlett in her Halloween tutu: Dance, Scarlett, dance! Kristin’s pup, Ellie (who won the 1st place trophy in a Halloween contest!) as a devil: Look at that […]

Shut Eye Over Exercise

Happy Tuesday to ya! I totally skipped my workout this morning. Even though I was in bed by 9:00 onthedot last night, I could not. fall. asleep. My intentions were to be asleep by 9:30 and up by 5:30 for one last 4 miler before this weekend’s FLW 10k. That, however, did not happen. The […]

Treadmill by Ten’s

This morning I awoke to find that last night’s rain continued on through the night was still at it. I had an interval run to tackle on the workout front, so I took my speed work adventures to the treadmill with this fun and speedy interval treadmill workout. This workout is an intense interval workout, […]

A Spendy Saturday

I’m not sure HOW in the world it’s already 6:30, but it leads me to think that the rate at which you blow money and the rate that time passes is directly correlated! Yes, it was a spendy Saturday. After this morning’s run, I cooked up breakfast #2: I can’t get enough of this combination! […]

Ready To Drink Chemicals

What a busy day for a Friday! After training my first morning client, I stopped by my gym to get in an hour strength workout. I started it with some mobility work, then moved on to plank work, and finished it up with a full body workout. Actually, I finished it up with a 20 […]

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