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Stuck in the 80’s

Last night Shane and I and another couple took to the streets for a competitive game of bowling! I grabbed the prettiest bowling ball. See? Competitive Ok, that’s a lie. I suppose you can’t take anyone seriously who can’t break a hundred in bowling… …or the nineties. I don’t get it! I’m so good when […]

While the Cat’s Away…

Looks like someone had some fun while Shane and I were at work today… When the cat’s away, the mice will…wait a second. That’s backwards! You can’t see me through the branches!! Luckily, it’s just one of Shane’s gifts from me, so no big deal. What a crazy kitty. After cleaning up Clarabelle’s mess under […]

Gotta Have It!

I try to limit my grocery shopping to once a week (and under $100) but every now and then I have to make a mid-week stop for absolute necessities. Today was one of those days: There are some grocery items that we have to have in the house at all times, and today I realized […]


Anyone remember that store? I think they’re still around, right? Or is it just Dollar Tree now? Anyway, man did I get my shopping fix yesterday! I also scored some major deals Yesterday afternoon after taking a yoga class (I went to Body Flow…which I want to like really bad just just…don’t) my mom, dad, […]

The Lying Down Alive

Yesterday was the perfect Sunday following a big night out on Saturday. Saturday, while fun, was a bit exhausting!! So, after giving my house a good scrub down from some messes, I tried to be horizontal as much as I could. But first, a stabilizing – and very yellow! – breakfast: What I really wanted […]

Exercise + Health Truths Turned Myths

Hi there! Today was food day at work, and I had a working meeting over lunch where lunch was provided. It was definitely a day surrounded by food. I was able to contain myself and didn’t indulge too much. I hate not feeling hungry for dinner, and tonight’s menu was a good one! Mexican black […]

False Advertising in a Bottle

As the clock crept closer to late afternoon, my motivation to make plans out of the day slowly diminished. Finally, around 3:00, Shane and I were growing tired of playing the, “What do you wanna do?” “I donno, what do you wanna do?” game. Then I got an idea. I felt pretty good, somewhat energetic, […]

Smells Like Summer Vacation

Good morning! For some reason, today feels like “summer break” for me. It totally isn’t, but I feel like I have the rest of the summer off to do whatever I please: read books, go to the pool, garden, take a mid week trip, etc. I think I might just live out this feeling, because […]

Tornadic Enchiladas

Morning:) I just finished training an early a.m. session and now I’m enjoying a delicious breakfast throw back! It has been for-ev-er since I’ve had oatmeal, let alone berries and cream oatmeal! It’s been a little warm here, but today there was a chill after the storm last night (more on that in a sec…) […]

Magnificent Taste, Merciless Ads: Magnum Ice Cream

Leftovers for lunch! Love that Mexican Black Bean salad! Today I served it over a bed of spinach and a wall of chips   It was pretty dang magnificent tasting! I worked at the BIC today after training my morning client, and over lunch, I snuck out to go home and let Niko out. Once […]

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