Personal Trainer For a Day Series–Trainer Tamara

I’m happy to say I made some major headway on packing for our trip this morning! When I went to open my suitcase, I had to laugh because apparently I unpacked everything from my last trip with the exception of a pair of pants, 2 t-shirts, and a straightener. No idea, lol. I spent a […]

WIAW–Dreams of Breakfast

Good morning! Things are starting off here bright and early. I actually made it to the 5:30 spin class! Never mind the fact that I felt like a zombie for the first three songs, because I feel great now! Ask me again around 4:00 this afternoon, though Since I enjoyed participating in What I Ate […]

Water Content in Food

Shortly after training one of my morning clients, I was checking my email and responding to blog comments, when I happened upon an email in my inbox that ignited some unexpected excitement. One of my articles was published today! I’ve just recently begun freelancing, so when I see my name in print, I get a […]

My New Initials

OK, maybe not too secret. Honestly I’ve just forgotten to tell ya’ll about my new adventure! For the past couple weeks, I’ve been taking about an hour a day to do some reading, writing, and arithmetic note-taking. What am I studying for, you ask? I’m studying to get my group fitness certification! I’m not certified […]

Uber Delicious + a 50 Minute Strength & Cardio Circuit

Oh my gosh, you guys. I feel like such a dummy. Remember the other day when I said I couldn’t believe I was already on chapter 22 on the new audio book I’m reading? Well, this morning on my walk with Niko, I was thinking, man, this book jumps around a lot! Then when I […]

My Favorite Yoga Poses

Afternoon! Glad you guys liked the medicine ball circuit workout from this morning. Please let me know if you try it out! This morning’s run was absolutely gorgeous. I don’t know how the weather is wherever you are, but here in Illinois it’s dry and in the upper seventies, which is absolutely perfect to me. […]

Here’s Your Sign

Isn’t it funny how life gives us a sign right when we need it most? This morning after yoga, I noticed it was absolutely gorgeous outside. Sunny without a cloud in the sky with a crisp temperature of 62 degrees. I took advantage and leashed up Niko for a walk around the neighborhood. It was […]

Kickboxing HIIT Circuit Workout

This morning after posting, I ended up doing about 40 minutes of gentle yoga upstairs before grabbing Niko, my iPod, and an iced coffee to go and heading out to a nearby walking trail. I noticed Shane forgot his cup of coffee that he brewed before leaving for work, but by the time I found […]

I Cheated

What an amazing day today!! After what seems like weeks of cold, gloomy weather, the sun came out today It was PERFECT weather for some outdoor exercise. Shortly after posting this morning, I laced up my sneakers, grabbed Niko, and headed out for a leisurely walk: What? You don’t have the super-speedy-power-walking skills to walk […]

Personal Trainer for a Day–Trainer Lindsay

Hi guys! It’s a dreary one here in central Illinois today. Makes working inside all afternoon seem not too bad Desk lunch: I told you guys to get used to this lunch! I even had leftover Thai food in the fridge – and went for this instead. It’s just such a yummy – and satisfying […]

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