Creepy TV

Another savory start to the day this morning! Oh man, was this breakfast yummy as ever!! This morning’s egg scramble was made out of 3 eggs, grape tomatoes, 1 small, chopped zucchini, and some goat cheese. Love veggies and eggs! However, combined with the two slices of raisin bread toast and butter, it left me […]

Love for the Newbies

One of my favorite parts about being a personal trainer is meeting with new clients. I love meeting new people, so that first training session with a new client is something that I don’t take lightly. Whether they are brand new to exercise or they’ve worked out their entire lives, taking on a new client […]

Late Night Java Tooth

Last night’s presentation ended up going really well Like I said yesterday, I was a bit nervous, but after I got going, my nerves left the building (Lindsay, you were right!) I think the audience really enjoyed it, too, which is always such a bonus One super weird thing that happened in the middle of […]

What I Was Supposed to Do

If yesterday started off good, it ended up great! After I left you last, I headed to the gym to train a client and get in a lower body workout. The workout I did was pretty basic – 5 sets of back squats and some dead lifts at the end there. I called it good […]

Work it All Kettlebell Workout

I tried to watch the Super Bowl yesterday, I really did. I even made guacamole for the occasion! But at the end of the day, I just wasn’t into it. Shane and I ended up just staying home to watch it. And by watch it I mean watch the first half and then becoming disinterested […]

Food Confusion

Last night Shane and I ended the weekend with some cards and a family-style dinner: Euchre (which I horribly lost) and chicken sausage + sauteed onion and zucchini alongside some butternut squash ravioli: Does anyone else always have to stop and think about the difference between tortellini and ravioli? I always mix up the two, […]

A Mandatory Plus

Hello from the gym! I’m actually watching the gym for the owner this afternoon while he’s out, so I’ve been hanging here, lifting a little, blogging a little, and reading a little. Not a bad job. I also ate a little: The pumpkin cottage cheese combo’s back, baby! I also had some chicken and wild […]

Wake Up and Not Run 18 Miles

Shane and I ended up flyin’ solo last night, but that’s OK, we tend to keep each other good company When Shane asked me where I wanted to go to dinner last night, I took one look outside and saw the sleet and below zero windchill and said, “how about pizza delivery?” I’m rarely one […]

Extra Credit for Thin-ness

Have you guys heard of the 60 Minutes a Day of Play campaign? It’s actually an NFL movement to get kids to include more, well, movement in their day without labeling it “exercise.” According to, its intent is to help kids get in 60 minutes of “play” by participating in fun, physical activity for […]

Same Content, Different Sex

One of Shane and my Christmas gifts we got this year was magazine subscriptions. Food Network for me and Men’s Health for Shane. I’ve been known to peer through a Men’s Health mag every now and then. I actually like the exercise advice more than Women’s Health, so I’ll scan through to the exercises or […]

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