Part of the Family…


Good morning, friends! I hope (for my American readers) that you had a great holiday yesterday. Mine was bittersweet… I write with a heavy heart today because shortly after posting yesterday morning, I received a very teary phone call from my mom, telling me that my childhood dog, Buck, had died. Of course I immediately […]

Fourth of July Quinoa Salad

Coolness. Hello and Happy 4th of July to all of my American readers! Although I have a couple clients to train today, Shane & I celebrated last night by headed over to Peoria to meet some friends at the Riverfront. Shane with all his ladies haha We bought tickets to a Foghat and Blue Oysters […]

My Experience on Giving Up Dessert for Lent

Can we all agree that the Monday after Easter should officially be a holiday? I think that it should be a mandatory recover-from-the-weekend day. Am I right or am I right? Unfortunately, I don’t get to dictate work holidays, and people still workout (probably moreso) the day after Easter, so to work this morning I […]

I(is not)rish

I’m afraid I have probably done a disservice to my fellow Irish friends. I didn’t make corned beef and cabbage, or Rueben’s, or even green cupcakes. I didn’t drink green beer. I didn’t actually wear green until about 7 pm when we went out for cocktails and dinner with friends (but I did have a […]

What Started As a Fling…

Nine years ago today, Shane and I decided we were going to start dating. I absolutely cannot fathom that we’ve been together that long. It seems like it can’t be more than five years! But it is… Ready for some throwback pictures? We were both practically kids when we started dating (if you can’t tell […]

Chocolate Kiss of Death

I don’t have quite as much pep in my step this morning. I’m blaming this: Last night, Shane and I braved the Valentine’s Day crowds to our third favorite restaurant (first and second favorites were booked!) Baxters. We very very rarely dine out during the week – mainly because we’re both so busy with training […]

Valentine’s Day Convert + Our Love Story

Happy Valentine’s Day! OK, so I’ve never been super about Valentine’s Day for a few reasons: I think we should celebrate love every day It’s become WAY too commercialized Too much pressure on young relationships – how much is too much? how much is not enough? However, now that I’ve been with the same man […]

It’s So Bare!

In my New Year’s Eve post, I mentioned we celebrated with a couple who we celebrate with every year (this year was our fifth annual NYE together!) Well, this year I did a little something special for Destiny and Steve. They recently got engaged, and I wanted to make them something… I made this 2011 […]

New Year’s Eve 2011

Happy New Year!! Fear not, I have not fallen off the face of the earth I have to admit, the better part of today has been spent in an entirely lazy state, but if watching 4 hours of House Hunters International and Million Dollar Rooms on HGTV is wrong, then I don’t want to be […]

Small Town Unicorn

Hi loves! Happy New Year’s Eve! Yesterday after cleaning the entire downstairs (getting ready for NYE!) I had some visitors over to the house. My mom and dad! My mom came over for a personal training session while my dad read his Kindle and hung with Niko. I took my mom through a full body […]

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