Chicago Rock n Roll Marathon: My Best Race Ever

Today I ran the Chicago Rock n Roll Half Marathon, and it was, by far, the best race I’ve ever run. It started out early – at 4:45 a.m. with breakfast. The race start was at 6:30, and we had a cab come to get us around 5:30 which gave us just enough time to […]

iChicago: A Picture Tour

We’re in Chicago! This morning after training a couple clients, Shane and I headed out on the road to Chicago. Truth be told, I’m beat after the day’s fun events, so I’ll you all the story through the pictures on my iPhone Road trip! Soldier Field Beach day Home cooked Thai food – coconut rice, […]

Race Ready

As predicted, last night was a very mellow night. Shane and I hung around the house until our stomachs started grumbling. Then we went down the street to Fiesta Ranchera, one of the Mexican joints in town where you can sit down to order and be out the door again in 30 minutes or less. […]

Setting “Can’t Goals”

It’s official! I finally ran a long run over 8 miles! Perhaps the fact that I’m running a half marathon a week from today gave me the kick of motivation I needed? Whatever it was, I’ll take 9 miles  I didn’t get out of the house until about 8:45, and it was already 81. My […]

Family In Friends

Good morning! For a Saturday, yesterday sure was busy! I trained planned clients from 9-1:00, but then thought it’d be time to go home and nap before heading to my parents’ house. Alas, no such luck. There was a mix up at the gym over who was watching it, and apparently, since I was already […]

Long Run Hope

I did it! I finally ran a long training run that I’m semi-proud of I woke up this morning, like every other long run morning as of late – not excited to do this. I had the standard pre-long run breakfast of a carb (half a bagel) + a fat (sunflower butter) + a banana: […]

My Dogs are Barking

Oopsies! I completely meant to post yesterday…but I was a little busy. Before I go into details, I’m so glad you all enjoyed a dose of Friday humor And it’s nice to know ya’ll share the same sense of humor as I do Silly animals! After a very productive Friday – full of training, cleaning, […]

FB Interval Strength Workout + The Next Half

Well, that was one beast of a Tuesday! I started training a couple new clients this week, and that means early mornings for this chica. My morning started out bright and early at 5:00 as I prepped for a client at 5:30. The session went well, and I think we’re going to accomplish TONS though. […]

Making Goal Time

I just had the most delicious smoothie for breakfast!    In it was 1/2 c. milk, spinach, chocolate protein powder, 1/2 frozen banana, frozen cherries, and a couple ice cubes. On top is a homemade protein bar, that isn’t quite up to par yet for recipe sharing. — Thanks for all the comments on yesterday’s […]

Illinois Marathon: Goal Time Went Down the Pot

OK, So the wind wasn’t the only glitch for this morning’s half marathon. It wasn’t anything huge – I mean Shane got us to the race on time with Garmin and iPod fully charged. But a couple things did go wrong. As we got in the (HUGE) line for start and I began flashing my […]

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