Bag Lady: What’s in My Gym Bag

Happy Friday I just finished training a few clients, and am now getting ready to spend the day in Chicago! I’ve got to work tomorrow because of it, but we just won’t think about that until then For something fun for Friday, I thought I’d do a post on what I always carry in my […]

Gym Judging

Lookie what I did this morning: Time to get extreme, baby!!! – Chalene’s words. And no, no picture of me doing the video, because I post enough tooly pictures of myself on this blog The workout was actually a lot of fun I completed the 45 minute burn it off cardio workout shortly before leaving […]

No Clothes, No Gym

My days of cubicle lunches are numbered! Lunch, compacted Lunch deconstructed: Tuna salad (tuna, guacamole, onions) in a w.w. tortilla, roasted broccoli form last night’s dinna, apple, and a luna bar. I also have packed some trail mix. Yesterday my appetite was on high gear and I ran out of desk food. Don’t want that […]

That’s Not Gym Etiquette?

When I went to bed last night, I knew today would be a steady state cardio day workout-wise, but I didn’t set an alarm. I thought that if I woke up I would do it before work and if I didn’t wake up on time, it’d happen after. Low and behold, I woke up on […]

Gym Pet Peeves That Don’t Peeve You

Do you know who invented the heating pad? Whoever it was, I want to give them a BIG ol’ smoocher. Needless to say, I woke up with my back feeling much better this morning. Still not 100%, but I was able to move around without looking like a little old lady. Things are lookin’ up! […]

WOD Generator

This morning at the gym I came face to face with one realm of lifting that has given me anxiety for quite some time: Olympic lifts. You may remember me saying that crossfit was still a  workout that intimidates me a little. Well, I’m to the point where I’d love to try it, but now […]

Gym Routines

When I was leaving the gym after doing a lifting workout today, I realized something: I am definitely a business-only gym-goer. I showed up, filled up my water bottle, changed shoes, and jumped on a bike. After I finished my cool down, I changed back into my other shoes, and headed straight out the door. […]

The Gym Regulars

Morning! This week is absolutely flying by for me. Anyone else? I can’t believe it’s already almost TGIF time I started out the morning with a guts and glory interval run. I felt glorious after the run was done, but during some of the intervals felt like I could keel over! A hot breakfast didn’t […]

Chain Gyms vs. Locally Owned

Afternoon! I’m feeling very energetic today for some reason! Spin this morning was just what the doctor ordered, and ever since spin it’s been go, go, go with clients and weighing in clients/members (Biggest Loser contest ends today!! ) Prior to spin class, I ate a quick breakfast of a small protein pancake, 1/2 mashed […]

The Cat Strikes Back

Hello! First off, thanks for all the compliments on my yoga mat! I actually got it about 5 or 6 years ago when I first started doing yoga from Target, haha. It’s getting pretty old (read, Clarabelle has used it as her scratching post in the recent past) and I need a new one! Any […]

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