30 Minute Boot Camp Workout

Hi, friends! I couldn’t wait to get out of work yesterday, because as soon as I did, I picked up this pretty lil’ thing at the train station! My long lost love, Destiny! Destiny is staying with us for the night while she’s in town from Chicago, and I am always SO happy to have […]

Grass-Fed Ostriches

Ostrich? Ostrichi? **Happy Monday! Today is the last day to enter the Good Belly giveaway (which I completely forgot about! oooops!) Get those entries in until midnight tonight Yesterday turned out to be such a great family day! Around 9 or 10, Shane and I made the drive over to our hometowns (they’re right next […]

Work Turned Play

What I thought was going to be a day filled with cleaning and catch up work, ended up being a day filled with fun! Around 11, I got a phone call from my good friend, Kori, who I rarely see, telling me she was on her way into B-town! This calls for all other agendas […]

Fun Friday

I wish these were my “cube mates” every Friday!! Destiny took the train into town to stay with us so she could ride along with us to the funeral on Thursday. Lucky me, because that meant 2 nights of BFF time Yesterday was a really fun day, even though we didn’t really do anything at […]

Kitchen Homeostasis

Thanks for all your lovely comments on my interview with Ali. I had such a great time interviewing her, and I loved that you enjoyed reading about it! Yesterday was a whirlwind, emotional day – one which I pretty much stayed off the internet completely (unheard of.) We mourned someone and celebrated someone. As sad […]

I(is not)rish

I’m afraid I have probably done a disservice to my fellow Irish friends. I didn’t make corned beef and cabbage, or Rueben’s, or even green cupcakes. I didn’t drink green beer. I didn’t actually wear green until about 7 pm when we went out for cocktails and dinner with friends (but I did have a […]

Naked Toes and Thai Feasts

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! (That’s a leprechaun…not an alien, shh.) Any big plans to celebrate? I think Shane and I are going to don some green, go out for a round or two of green beers, and maybe get some stereotypical Irish food. I was going to make something festive, but I don’t think I’ll […]

Truth be Told

I’m alive!! I temporarily and completely took a break from all technology yesterday. It was fabulous and needed, but I’m recharged (heh, get it?) and back today! And truth be told, there wasn’t much to blog about yesterday. Let’s see, I went to a too early spin class, trained a couple clients, and then lay […]

Online Oops

Happy Brunch Sunday! Shane and I love going to Swinger’s Grille for brunch after church on Sundays, and that’s exactly what we did today. Well sort of. But more on that in a second. Today we headed there with our friends Heidi and Doug to feast. Swinger’s Grille probably serves THE best brunch in town. […]

White Dresses and Purple Lips

The thing about weekend trips is Sunday’s come so dang fast! I wish I could stay in Wisconsin just one more day. Our second day in the cheese state started off pretty slowly. The main plan for the day was to go dress shopping for the lovely Destiny, who’s getting married in September (to Steve […]

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