Part of the Family…


Good morning, friends! I hope (for my American readers) that you had a great holiday yesterday. Mine was bittersweet… I write with a heavy heart today because shortly after posting yesterday morning, I received a very teary phone call from my mom, telling me that my childhood dog, Buck, had died. Of course I immediately […]

Evening Energy & a Lower Body Blast Workout

Last night I did something I haven’t done in…well, in enough time that I can’t even remember the last time. I went to the gym in the evening! On a Sunday at that. Yesterday during the day, I met my parents in Peoria for a little shopping and late lunch, and when I got back […]

My Favorite Things

Gooood morning! How are we all doing today? Yesterday after getting off of work, I headed straight to the salon to get my ends trimmed off: No big changes, just a trim. I’m actually trying to grow out my natural color, which is more of a golden/strawberry blonde. Right now I kind of have the […]

Healthy Trail Mix Cookies

Hi there! I hope everyone had a great weekend Yesterday we were blessed with absolutely gorgeous weather, and took full advantage. First, I headed out on a 5 miler (which is long for me anymore.) It was my first time using my MotoActv GPS and mp3 player, which the company sent me. I really like […]

A Very Special Day

Don’t you just love Sundays with absolutely nothing on the agenda? That’s how I feel as I sit here and write this post. Perhaps a run, perhaps church, perhaps a hike. Perhaps Yesterday was anything but a free schedule, but it was still an awesome day. However at first, I woke up, planning to go […]

Grass-Fed Ostriches

Ostrich? Ostrichi? **Happy Monday! Today is the last day to enter the Good Belly giveaway (which I completely forgot about! oooops!) Get those entries in until midnight tonight Yesterday turned out to be such a great family day! Around 9 or 10, Shane and I made the drive over to our hometowns (they’re right next […]

My Experience on Giving Up Dessert for Lent

Can we all agree that the Monday after Easter should officially be a holiday? I think that it should be a mandatory recover-from-the-weekend day. Am I right or am I right? Unfortunately, I don’t get to dictate work holidays, and people still workout (probably moreso) the day after Easter, so to work this morning I […]


First off, thank you so, so, SO much for your comments yesterday (and this morning;) I truly appreciate them. Loss is so very tough, but a wee bit less tough with a strong support system ** Yesterday Shane and I celebrated my birthday. My actual birthday isn’t until Tuesday, but he’s got a big test […]

Naked Toes and Thai Feasts

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! (That’s a leprechaun…not an alien, shh.) Any big plans to celebrate? I think Shane and I are going to don some green, go out for a round or two of green beers, and maybe get some stereotypical Irish food. I was going to make something festive, but I don’t think I’ll […]

Valentine’s Day Convert + Our Love Story

Happy Valentine’s Day! OK, so I’ve never been super about Valentine’s Day for a few reasons: I think we should celebrate love every day It’s become WAY too commercialized Too much pressure on young relationships – how much is too much? how much is not enough? However, now that I’ve been with the same man […]

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