Thanksgiving Guilt

Hello! I woke up a little discombobulated because I slept in until 8:15!!! I know that’s just child’s play to some of you master sleep-er in-ers (ahem, Janetha), but it’s late for someone who can usually never sleep past 7:00. Not that I’m complaining My workout will just have to be pushed until after my […]

Which is Healthier: Falling Back or Springing Ahead?

It seems ever since the time change last Sunday, almost everyone is having trouble adjusting – myself included. I woke up at 5:30 again today – when I didn’t even have to wake up until 7:00! It’s obvious that Daylight Savings Time throws off our sense of time a bit, but what else does it […]

Friendly Traditions

Is Daylight Savings Time messing with anyone else like it’s messing with me?! At 7:00 p.m. last night I was ready to konk out in bed!! A 12 hour shopping spree may have had something to do with that… Yesterday Heidi and I gallivanted around Chicago and hit up all the major hitters – IKEA, […]

Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Hey all! The trick-or-treaters are in full force and I’m so excited! I absolutely love seeing what all the neighbor kids dress up as and hand them candy Since I knew we’d be busy passing out candy, I made dinner super easy by throwing together a crock pot stew this morning after spin class. All […]

Patterns are for Amateurs

Happy Halloween! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Over here it was packed with a lot of impromptu fun I talked about how I’m breaking the fast a little bit later than usual lately I ate at my fav Thai restaurant for dinner Shane and I went on an adventure and discovered a […]

Guns Aren’t So Scary

Today instead of going to my usual Sunday morning yoga class, I embarked on a new adventure. The girl who’s afraid of guns? Well she shot a…a… a whatever this gun  is And a few others! My dad, brother, and Shane love to go shooting at the shooting range, while I’m always fine staying behind […]

Breaking the Fast a Little Later

Usually Fridays FLY by at the speed of light, but this one has been taking its time for a change. It’s only 3:00 pm, but seems like it’s around 5:00. Hey – I’m not complaining I took an RPM class after training a client this morning, and it was fabulous! It was my first time […]

Happy Howl-a-Ween

Happy Howl-a-ween, my friends! You won’t be screaming in fear during this post, but instead squealing in cuteness overload **** Molly’s pup, Roosevelt as a shark! Lindsay’s brat/cat, Scarlett in her Halloween tutu: Dance, Scarlett, dance! Kristin’s pup, Ellie (who won the 1st place trophy in a Halloween contest!) as a devil: Look at that […]

Treadmill Tempo Run + School Night Visitors

Morning! (Actually, the sun is nowhere to be seen here in central Illinois today.) Last night I missed my regular posting because Shane and I had some visitors! My mom and dad stopped by to have dinner with Shane and I After they got here and we got caught up on each other, we headed […]

Just a Bit Too Full

Evening! I was extremely relieved to see such positive feedback on this afternoon’s post. I was a bit worried about getting called a hypocrite, but am happy that all the comments were (not surprisingly) supportive. Plus I loved all the little/big sausage jokes When I got home from the gym this afternoon, I came home […]

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