Fun Friday: What I’m Bringing To Bunco {Edible Cookie Dough Recipe}

cookie dough

Happy Friday! I gotta say, with the weird week we had last week, Friday seemed to take forever to get here this week. I’m not complaining though – although slow, it was still a great week You guys know me (and if you’re new and don’t know me, welcome!!) I love to bake. I love […]

A New Running Strategy + Ice Cream Replacer

Good Tuesday morning! Although I woke up to a howling cat and a growling dog, I woke up feeling awake and refreshed this morning. Then, as I always do, I turned on the morning news and did a little happy dance when the weather segment came on. Um, mid-fifties at 6:45 in the morning after […]

Two-Bite White Chocolate Blondies (No Bake)

I’ve had this container in my fridge for a month (a month!) and just opened it yesterday. It’s tasty, don’t get me wrong, but…I’m just not a sweet-dip type of person (which is another reason why I’ve yet to go through my jar of cookie butter.) I tried it with banana chips – meh. Then […]

My Experience on Giving Up Dessert for Lent

Can we all agree that the Monday after Easter should officially be a holiday? I think that it should be a mandatory recover-from-the-weekend day. Am I right or am I right? Unfortunately, I don’t get to dictate work holidays, and people still workout (probably moreso) the day after Easter, so to work this morning I […]

My Last Bowl of Ice Cream

Good morning! Last night after training an impromptu client, I was so tempted to just pick up Chipotle for dinner. Quick and convenient. But then I thought about the $100 I spent on groceries this weekend and just couldn’t justify getting carry outs for the second time this week. So I made my own Chipotle: […]

Chocolate Kiss of Death

I don’t have quite as much pep in my step this morning. I’m blaming this: Last night, Shane and I braved the Valentine’s Day crowds to our third favorite restaurant (first and second favorites were booked!) Baxters. We very very rarely dine out during the week – mainly because we’re both so busy with training […]

Pumpkin Primal Protein Bars

Well hello there! It’s 2:15 pm and I’ve yet to do one productive thing today. Wait! I take that back. I did go to a company Christmas brunch with Shane- that was fun. And I did get one load in the wash (it’s currently waiting for me to peel myself off the couch to switch […]

10 Minutes or Less Desserts

Hello!! I’m deep into a crazy DIY project for a secret santa I have next weekend. Three cheers for procrastination Hip, hip… oh crap I’m gonna be here for a while I did break for lunch, though! Lunch Today’s lunch featured tuna salad lettuce wraps: I mixed some tuna w/ a little mayo + greek […]

Coconut Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies (Paleo/GF/Vegan)

Whoa! I did not expect these cookies to turn out as delicious as they did. I just finished yet another batch of Evan’s almond meal chocolate chip cookies (but I subbed brown sugar instead of regular – note to self: don’t do that,) so I obviously had to replenish the cookie stash in the house, […]

Thanksgiving Guilt

Hello! I woke up a little discombobulated because I slept in until 8:15!!! I know that’s just child’s play to some of you master sleep-er in-ers (ahem, Janetha), but it’s late for someone who can usually never sleep past 7:00. Not that I’m complaining My workout will just have to be pushed until after my […]

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