Winter Gym Production

As I was layering up to head to the gym this morning, I realized that going to the gym is really a production. I have my pre-gym production down to a science. It goes like this: Drink cup of coffee while checking and responding to email. Make BCAA drink while changing into gym clothes. Now, […]

Christmas Rice Crispy Cookies + Auto Accountability

Boy do I have a yummy Christmas cookie recipe for you today! Each day this week, I’ll be featuring one of the Christmas cookies/candy I made this weekend, and will post the recipe (or link if it’s not mine.) Since I’m way too impatient to save the best for last, I’m posting about it today […]

Instead of Cleaning

My, my! Cleaning plans were infinitely thwarted today. I think the only things I cleaned were our two bathroom. Oh well. The cookie crumbs on the floor will surely wait for me until tomorrow, right?   Instead of cleaning, I visited my friend, Heidi, who is about to give birth to her second baby any […]

Weekend in 500

Morning! How’s your weekend going? You could say I unplugged a bit. I meant to blog again yesterday, but by the time I finished with my Christmas cookie extravaganza yesterday I was exhausted! I’ll be posting the cookies (with recipes!) throughout the week, don’t you worry The only thing I have left to do is […]

Christmas Cookie Explosion

Welcome to my Christmas cookie crazed kitchen!!!! Scenes from a Christmas cookie explosion… Regular blogging will resume shortly

Cherry Pie Brownies & Tumaro’s NY Style Deli Wraps Winner

Hey guys. Happy Friday   Thanks for all the support in my last post. Ya’ll know how to make a girl blush! Seriously though, you guys are all so great and your comments either had me smiling and nodding or busting up laughing! Sorry I skipped out on you last night, but I was a […]

Mushy Food

Every day I eat lunch at my desk, I always wonder what my cube mates think when they see it. More often than not, I’m eating some bowl of mushy (albeit delicious) food that probably doesn’t look too appetizing in a Tupperware bowl. Today I got a “hey is that grapefruit?” and then a “that […]

The Exercise that Did Me In

Afternoon! So I never got around to that yoga session (oops) but I did get in some serious coffee drinking: Coffee’s just as good for the soul as yoga, right? This Americana w/ half and half sure put me in a happy place I’ve been a busy little worker bee today! Before heading into the […]

Coconut Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies (Paleo/GF/Vegan)

Whoa! I did not expect these cookies to turn out as delicious as they did. I just finished yet another batch of Evan’s almond meal chocolate chip cookies (but I subbed brown sugar instead of regular – note to self: don’t do that,) so I obviously had to replenish the cookie stash in the house, […]

Dining Out on Memorial Day Weekend

Hellooooo down there!!! Coming atcha this morning while drinking out of my HUGE new coffee mug Shane brought me back from Orlando while on a business trip. And he says he doesn’t support my mug collecting habit Morning, friends! Happy Sunday  Are you a little happier because you know tomorrow’s a holiday?? It’s actually not […]

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