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It’s So Bare!

In my New Year’s Eve post, I mentioned we celebrated with a couple who we celebrate with every year (this year was our fifth annual NYE together!) Well, this year I did a little something special for Destiny and Steve. They recently got engaged, and I wanted to make them something… I made this 2011 […]

Most Returned Gifts

I thought I was pretty clever yesterday waiting until Monday (after Christmas) to do my grocery shopping for the week. Little did I know everyone would be out! Apparently December 26th is a pretty big day for shoppers trying to score after holiday deals, cashing in gift cards, and making returns. Normally Meijer is my […]

12/26 Blues

Morning! I can’t believe Christmas is officially over. I like to think of Christmas as about a three week holiday, with Christmas Day being the last day and the grand finale. Here’s some scenes from our “grand finale:” Shane and I had the ultimate lazy Christmas morning at our house with opening presents, cuddling with […]

On Christmas Eve

Good morning! I hope you’re having a fabulous weekend, and if celebrating, a very Merry Christmas. We do the majority of our celebrating on Christmas Eve, and celebrate we did – from mor-ning ‘til nigh The day was so full of love it was bursting at the seems. I took far too few pictures until […]

Bring Us Some (white chocolate bread) Pudding

Merry Christmas Eve!! Shane and I took this picture yesterday after exchanging our ornaments. Every year since I moved in with him (2007) we’ve exchanged ornaments. Here’s this year’s– His, to me: Mine, to him: I gave a shot at making mine, and it turned out… all right. Luckily, Shane is “it’s the thought that […]

Sirius-ly Awesome

I forgot to tell you! You know what made this morning’s drive to work awesome? Sure, eating and driving and fun, but this is even more exciting! SiriusXM! When I first bought my car last February, it came with 3 free months of XM radio. I LOVED it. I was seriously tempted to keep it […]

Winter Gym Production

As I was layering up to head to the gym this morning, I realized that going to the gym is really a production. I have my pre-gym production down to a science. It goes like this: Drink cup of coffee while checking and responding to email. Make BCAA drink while changing into gym clothes. Now, […]

Holidays in a Cubicle

Lunch today was made out of desperation. Insert me searching in pantry with 5 minutes until I’m officially late to work thinking “there’s nothing to eat for lunch in this house!!” Thank goodness for tuna salad. I chopped up a little onion, added some mayo, Greek yogurt, apple, and walnut, and threw it on top […]

Instead of Cleaning

My, my! Cleaning plans were infinitely thwarted today. I think the only things I cleaned were our two bathroom. Oh well. The cookie crumbs on the floor will surely wait for me until tomorrow, right?   Instead of cleaning, I visited my friend, Heidi, who is about to give birth to her second baby any […]

Weekend in 500

Morning! How’s your weekend going? You could say I unplugged a bit. I meant to blog again yesterday, but by the time I finished with my Christmas cookie extravaganza yesterday I was exhausted! I’ll be posting the cookies (with recipes!) throughout the week, don’t you worry The only thing I have left to do is […]

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