30 Minute Boot Camp Workout

Hi, friends! I couldn’t wait to get out of work yesterday, because as soon as I did, I picked up this pretty lil’ thing at the train station! My long lost love, Destiny! Destiny is staying with us for the night while she’s in town from Chicago, and I am always SO happy to have […]

Medicine Ball Circuit Workout

(workout at the bottom of this post) Well yesterday turned out quite differently than I expected! As I was driving to my third (and final) client’s house of the morning, I got a phone call from my friend Heidi saying that one of her babies was sick. The trip to Chicago was off! Although I […]

Kickboxing HIIT Circuit Workout

This morning after posting, I ended up doing about 40 minutes of gentle yoga upstairs before grabbing Niko, my iPod, and an iced coffee to go and heading out to a nearby walking trail. I noticed Shane forgot his cup of coffee that he brewed before leaving for work, but by the time I found […]

Creepy TV

Another savory start to the day this morning! Oh man, was this breakfast yummy as ever!! This morning’s egg scramble was made out of 3 eggs, grape tomatoes, 1 small, chopped zucchini, and some goat cheese. Love veggies and eggs! However, combined with the two slices of raisin bread toast and butter, it left me […]

Interval Circuit Workout & Friday Link Love

As I’m writing this post, the weatherman on the news in the background is promising plummeting frigid temperatures this weekend. This makes me a very sad Paige. I cannot wait to get back to outdoor workouts, but for now, indoor gym workouts will do. This morning I woke up, sipped some coffee & BCAA’s, and […]

That’s Not Gym Etiquette?

When I went to bed last night, I knew today would be a steady state cardio day workout-wise, but I didn’t set an alarm. I thought that if I woke up I would do it before work and if I didn’t wake up on time, it’d happen after. Low and behold, I woke up on […]

Cure for Nose Bleeds

Every single winter, around January, Shane gets pretty bad nose bleeds. Nose bleeds seem to be one of those PITA’s that you don’t really know what causes them, but when they happen, you gotta act fast. Same thing with migraines (which he also gets fairly frequently.) I’m lucky that I get neither. However, turns out […]

When I Feel My Dumbest

I love my George Foreman. The grill gets so much use in the winter time. Last night I “grilled” up some salmon on it, making a little tray out of tinfoil for my grilling vehicle. I also grilled a steak for Shane. It turned out great! Perfectly cooked, and paired with some honey mustard sauce […]

Worth the Splurge

Last night we had my parents over and all went to dinner at Biaggi’s, my favorite restaurant here in town. (not a great picture of either of us, but oh well) For some reason I’ve been craving their crusty bread dipped in herbed olive oil, and nearly attacked it as soon as the waiter brought […]

Foods to Help You Sleep Better

Last night was such a relaxing night. It was quite lovely. After training a couple clients I came home and made dinner in less than 10 minutes by warming up some leftover enchilada soup on the stove: Then I added a tbsp. of sour cream. Then I added some shredded pepper jack cheese and a […]

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