Do you want to achieve a toned, lean look not just for summer but all year round?

Do you have goals to lean out your mid-section and build a sculpted backside?

Stop guessing and struggling with your training, and start following a cohesive training plan today that will get you results.

Sleek and Sculpted will help you sculpt your body, burn fat, and feel great while doing it with my 8-week training plan.

In Sleek and Sculpted, you’ll get a comprehensive program with 40 workouts (with no repeats,) 8 bonus workouts, detailed exercise instructions, a mobility and stretching guide, complete exercise library, and tips to get the most out of your workouts to really see the results you’re after. The workouts will be fat-loss focused, and include metabolic strength training, HIIT, conditioning, with a strong emphasis on the glutes and the mid-section.


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  • Daily workouts with detailed instructions
  • Complete exercise library
  • A guide to make the most of your workouts
  • Mobility + flexibility routines

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