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Feel better, look better, and live a healthier, happier life by learning how to make healthy eating and a regular exercise routine with strength and cardiovascular training part of your daily lifestyle. It can be overwhelming to put your goals to live a healthier lifestyle into action. But with the right tools, guidance, and a good dose of hard work, we can make this happen together. Your Trainer Paige personal training and nutritional coaching will help you make that transformation. Are you ready to boost your metabolism, burn fat, and see an increase in energy?

Paige Kumpf is an ACE certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist who has used her experience and knowledge as a trainer, along with her own personal fitness and health journey to successfully train clients with age ranging from 16 to 60 from those who have never step foot in a gym to seasoned marathon runners. Believing fitness and healthy living is for everyone, Paige has worked with individuals with brain injuries, and is also specialized in training clients who have muscular dystrophy.

Get started with online* personal training sessions and nutritional coaching today to begin your journey to a healthier, happier you.

What’s Online Personal Training All About?

With Your Trainer Paige online personal training, you’ll get all of the tools you need to start or improve your fitness journey without ever stepping in a gym. All at the convenience and  comfort of your own home,  you’ll receive detailed workouts that leave the guess work behind – for a fraction of the price you’d pay for a personal trainer in the gym! After discussing your fitness history, goals, and where you want to be, you’ll receive a customized workout plan FIT for you. Your Trainer Paige online personal training includes:

  • Printable, daily workouts including strength training, cardiovascular training, and flexibility
  • Instructional videos, featuring client-only Your Trainer Paige exercise demo’s
  • Detailed plans of workouts: frequency, duration, form, intensity, etc.
  • Workout videos for online clients only
  • Bonus 10 minute abs video that can be added after any of your workouts
  • 24/7 support – email Paige with any questions, concerns, or successes whenever you need
  • Weekly check-ins for motivation and accountability

—>Accountability Package 

Upgrade to the accountability package for more accountability to complete your workouts, with:

  • Workout reminders via text or email
  • Post-workout check-ins via phone or email
  • Workout-specific motivational messages from trainer via text or email

When you sign up for my online personal training services, I want you to consider me your personal trainer, who is here for any questions, support, feedback, or encouragement you might need. I am here to help you succeed!!

What’s Online Nutritional Coaching All About?

Consider Your Trainer Paige nutritional coaching personal training for your diet! YTP Nutritional Coaching is all about making healthy changes in the way you eat and view food to start fueling your body to make it run as efficiently as possible. By following Paige’s nutritional guidance, you’ll learn how to eat best for YOUR body, kick your metabolism into its highest, most efficient gear, and naturally fall into your intended bodyweight – or “happy weight.” We are all highly individual when it comes to food. No one diet should be considered “best” for everyone. That’s why Paige’s nutritional programs are developed based on you and your background.


  • Meal planning guidance – how you should be planning and preparing your daily meals
  • Grocery list outlining what to shop for when it’s time to purchase your healthy new ingredients
  • The science – why this is your nutrition plan, and what makes it work
  • Guide to food journal – what, when , and why we should track our meals
  • Recipes – meals, snacks, and beverages to draw from your meal planning guide
  • Tips and tricks – although healthy eating is a lifestyle, not a diet, learn some suggestions on how to bump up metabolism and incorporate those superfoods into your daily meal plan


“Working with Paige was great!  She was very motivating and did not make me feel self conscious.  I was confident that she was both intelligent in the field as well as concerned with my safety and was sure to train me to do exercises safely and correctly.  She built me extra work outs to do on my own and I still use those at home, I love them!! “  – Kymber Elsenpeter, PNC Bank

“I was working out seriously for the last year (including running 3 half marathons) before I started working with Paige.  After working out with Paige for one month I can tell that my overall core-strength is increasing and my body is beginning to look leaner and more toned.  Plus, I have lost 4 of the 10 vanity pounds I want to lose and can now fit into most my size 4’s again. Also, since I started following Paige’s nutritional plan my energy levels have increased tremendously and I don’t have to starve myself to get in shape.  Paige really helps you find a balance that you can realistically integrate into your everyday life.”  –Skye Miles, New York

“I was very bored with my workouts before starting to train with Paige. She taught me not just what lifting exercises to do to reach my goal, but explained why each exercise fit into my plan.
After just a few weeks I could see the results from training with you…..and other people could too! I was at a conference and someone said my ‘arms look great!’ I have never gotten that type of compliment before. Thank you, Paige!” –
Julie Schumaker, Illinois State University, RD


The Your Trainer Paige programs are four weeks long, and include:

  • Online Personal Training ($50)
  • Nutritional Coaching ($50)
  • Both! ($75)

Your Trainer Paige Services

** if you live in Central Illinois and would like to inquire about in-home or in-club training, please contact me so we can discuss!

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