TRX Complex Workout for a Full Body Burn


Hey all. Happy Monday! I’ve got to say. I have been loving on the TRX lately. In the gym, I’ve been using it for assisted pistol squats, inverted rows, and vertical pull workout, and at home I’ve been using it for sweat-inducing metabolic workouts – like the one I’m going to share with you today! […]

Why I Love My Cellulite


So. Over the past few months I’ve been making somewhat of an effort to eat a little less butter and donuts in order to get a little more summer ready. And it’s been a success. Every year I tend to gain 5 or so pounds in the winter, and then shed it in the spring. I’m […]

Wherever You Are, Start There


I can remember the very first time I became slightly interested in strength training. My exercise routine at the time had consisted of doing Turbo Jam very inconsistently and riding the elliptical in about 40-minute increments. I’d always been athletic growing up – and had athletic build. Add in my height – almost 5’10 – and I […]

At-Home Stair Workout {VLOG}


At-Home Staircase Workout – via @TrainerPaige #fitfluential Click To Tweet Good morning, friends! How was your weekend? Mine was spent with a good mix of work, play, and rest, which just happens to be my combination for life fulfillment, as I talked about on an Instagram post this weekend. And now, another Monday, another workout […]

Do We Really Need to Do Cardio?

How Much

  Oh, cardio – a form of exercise that’s become highly debatable in the fitness industry ranging from those who say any ounce of cardio will immediately eat away at your muscle to those who say it’s the only way to lose weight. While the days of touting cardiovascular exercise as supreme are over, and we […]

Why Longer Isn’t Always Better


Fun fact! Did you know I used to train for and run half marathons? I actually wrote about it a lot on this blog (well, the one before it – Running Around Normal) if you care to scour the archives circa 2011 (ya know, if you have a super boring day at work and nothing […]

Bodyweight HIIT Workout + Weekly Grocery Haul {New VLOG}


  Good morning, friends! I hope you had a lovely weekend, and a great Easter if you celebrated. Our weekend surrounded around one thing: moving. It was exhausting, but, if all goes well, we should be ALL moved in this morning – eek! I so excited! Anyway, over the weekend I recorded a vlog for […]

Protein Power with Silk Soymilk


One of the main issues I see typically with my clients is that they aren’t getting quite enough protein to support their fitness and physique goals. Protein is crucial in repairing intentional muscle damage done in the gym and in workouts to get stronger, fasters, and more toned. However, protein is also the macronutrient with […]

20-Minute Conditioning Circuit + Eating & Working Out On Vacation

Tips for Eating + Training on Vacation

20-Minute Conditioning Circuit Workout – via @TrainerPaige Click To Tweet Last week I traveled to Costa Rica to celebrate my 30th birthday with Shane. Typically when I go on vacation, I’m super lax about my workouts, and just mindful about nutrition while still enjoying the local cuisine. AKA – it’s no big drama. I even […]

IGNITE Your Workout with PUMA


Comfort. Fit. Durability. Cushion. Appearance. Those are my 5 factors to determine whether a running shoe will be a good fit for me. While the first four are probably the most important, admittedly, I place appearance pretty high up on the scale. I was recently given the opportunity to review Puma’s new IGNITE running shoe […]

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