Body Weight Burn: 12 Week At-Home Workout Guide to Create a Strong, Lean Physique!

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Good morning, friends! Today I’m incredibly excited to introduce to you my new Workout Program Guide! After running several successful online boot camps and group coaching programs in the past year, I wanted to create something that anyone could take and do on their own time and in their own way. I absolutely love running my online boot […]

Bodyweight Circuit Workout with Combination Exercises


Hey there! The other day I realized, holy time warp – it’s the end of July! July happens to be my favorite month of the year since I’m such a summer girl at heart. As such, I made a promise to myself to not take advantage of these last few days of the quintessential summer […]

Top 7 Podcasts to Do My Best in Fitness, Business, and Life


Good morning, my friends! Have a good weekend? Mine was low key, but filled with lots of relaxing, hiking, and a little work on the side. That’s always a recipe for happiness, if ya ask me! (Snapchat= TrainerPaige) And of course – some self/business development whilst driving and walking in the form of podcasts. One […]

RESOLVE Strength Training Program Now On Sale!

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Hey hey! Today I have some exciting news for you – I am finally releasing my RESOLVE Strength Training Program for sale today!! @TrainerPaige’s RESOLVE Training Program Bundle is on sale now! Click To Tweet If you weren’t one of the 40 women who went through this 8 week training program with my in January, you can now […]

Peri-Workout Fueling with Supplements


I’ve talked quite a bit about workout nutrition on the blog in the past month or so, but today, let’s talk about supplements. Supplements, are just that – nutrition that can supplement your workout routine. Whenever clients ask me which supplements they should be taking, my answer is “none, or some.” They aren’t absolutely required to get you any results, but, they […]

5 Third Party Apps to Make a Killer Instagram Post

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Hey guys! So we’re taking a break from fitness and health today to talk a little bit about social media. Specifically, we’re going to dive head first into Instagram. Instagram is my social media platform of choice. It’s my fastest growing social media account, which isn’t a huge surprise because typically, where we spend our time […]

What’s the Difference Between Exercise and Physical Activity?

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  Not too long ago, maybe even just over a year prior, I used to proclaim that walking is not considered exercise, but rather physical activity that should be done in addition to exercise. I used to consider walking as part of NEPA (non exercise physical activity.) Of course, this had it’s exclusions. If someone was new to exercise […]

Cheat Sheet Guide to Create Your Own Strength Training Workout


Hello, friends! I have quite a treat for you today – my guide to Create Your Own Strength Training Workout! This is my starter formula for designing a solid, balanced, efficient strength training routine. Of course, it’s not everything that goes into building a customized workout – and moreso not an entire workout program – but if it were, it’d […]

Sprints and Ab Workout w/ Finish Line’s Brooks Glycerin

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Sprints are not only my preferred method of completely gassing myself, but they’re also one of THE best ab exercises out there. Yep, you heard right – sprinting builds abs. But in case sprints aren’t enough, I’ve created both a sprints and ab workout featuring a few of my very favorite exercises that will be sure […]

Shame Is Not Going to Help You


Hey there! I hope you had a splendid weekend. We kicked off our long weekend with a hike to three different waterfalls on Friday. I actually brought my DSLR on this hike, which is something I never do, took about 50 photos, and then found out only one took. Ha! Guess we’ll just have to go […]

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