3 Things You Can Do When You Reach a Plateau


      You’ve likely heard the term ‘plateau’ before, but what does it really mean? First, the term ‘plateau’ is actually very overused, and is often misconstrued for habits simply staying the same – or not changing quite enough. In terms of fat loss, many people think they’ve reached a plateau, when in reality, they’re […]

Naked (Juice) Boot Camp Workout – No Equipment Required


Last week I had the opportunity to work with my friends at Naked and teach a boot camp class here in Boulder. Everyone kicked some serious boo-tay, and seemed to love the 60-minute workout (and the post-workout juice!) so I thought I’d share the workout with you all Best part? You can do it right now […]

Creamy Cashewmilk Protein Latte


Hey friends! I hope you’re having a lovely week. It’s been a busy one for me – new (online) clients beginning this week, teaching a big boot camp for Naked Juice (more on that soon!) and preparing for a few exciting things happening later this month When I create nutrition plans for my clients, one […]

How a Positive Mindset Can Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals


How a positive mindset can help you reach your goals via @TrainerPaige Click To Tweet Powered By CoSchedule Tell me if you’ve ever been in this predicament: you just started a new fitness challenge or program, and you. are. stoked. You purchase the necessary tools you’ll need to complete. Have your eyes set on the […]

When Intuitive Eating Isn’t So Intuitive


Hi, friends! Before we dive into today’s post, I wanted to announce that I’m officially taking on new online clients again. If you’re interested in working with me, or learning more, please email me at yourtrainerpaige@gmail.com Also, locals: if you’re thinking about signing up for Wednesday’s boot camp (taught by me, hosted by Naked Juice,) […]

Do This Warm Up Before Your Resistance Training (Plus, a FREE workout!)


Hey guys! Before we dive into the warm up, I have a couple announcements with 2 freebies for you: -If you’re local to the Denver/Boulder area, I will be joining forces with Naked Juice to teach a FREE boot camp class next Wednesday evening, 3/4. Just make sure to RSVP – you can do so […]

5 Every Day Health Hacks To Use To Stay On Track


5 Everyday Health Hacks to Stay On Track via @TrainerPaige Click To Tweet Powered By CoSchedule This post is sponsored by Stayfree via Mode Media. All opinions and text are my own. This can be said about working out consistently, reaching your health and fitness goals, eating right, and just about every aspiration when it […]

What are Your Thoughts on the Paleo, Gluten-Free, IIFYM, Low Carb Diet?

My Thoughts On...

It often astounds me over how much hoopla, dogma, and stress goes into the way we eat. Our diets. A few weeks ago, I wrote a post on fad diets that elaborated on this, and why fad diets (sometimes) work. Today, however, I thought I’d answer a much more generic question I get asked fairly often: […]

How to Embrace Your Imperfections


Ready to dive a little deep this morning, my friends? Let’s talk about our imperfections. How to Embrace Your Imperfections via @TrainerPaige Click To Tweet Powered By CoSchedule I can remember, as a young girl, absolutely hating my butt and thighs. My thunder thighs, I used to (not-so) lovingly refer to them. It’s where I’ve […]

Why All or Nothing is the Easy Way Out


Moderation is harder than the All or Nothing approach, but it’s also so much more worth it, if it’s something you want to last. I shared this with my RESOLVE ladies last week, and wanted to elaborate on it, and share it with you today! In my 7+ years as a personal trainer, I can […]

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