3 Reasons to Cut Back Cardio for Fat Loss Goals & 3 Things to Do Instead


Good morning Before we get into today’s post, I have a couple updates about online personal training services: I am currently at capacity for my one-on-one online coaching style clients -  I’ll open up applications again once I have a spot free. However, I’ve added a tier to my one-on-one personal training. In addition to […]

5 Tasty Protein Bars I Have On Hand for Snack Emergencies {with a STRONGER Bar Giveaway!}


First off, I have to admit that I feel pretty darn dramatic when I use the words “snack” and “emergency” in the same sentence. However, if you ever get the lovely opportunity to be around me after a long hike and food isn’t in my future, you’ll know that if I don’t get some food […]

My Training Aha! Moment


I haven’t always loved lifting and working out. In fact, I can remember groaning every time we had to run the mile in college volleyball, and thinking of weight training days as blow off days in practices. Now, I look back, and wish I would have taken those days more seriously. I wonder how much […]

5 Ways to Stick with Your Workout Program and Finish Successfully (& How YTP Online Boot Camp Can Help!)


How many of you can relate to this scenario? You just picked up a brand new copy of a book on the latest workout program in the fitness world. As soon as you get home, you furiously read through it cover to cover, set a few goals, and make a plan to start day one […]

No Bake Cocoa Coconut Protein Bars (Grain-Free)


When it comes to meals, I tend function best on a 3 square meals + 2 snacks regimen. And most of the time, I’m good about picking a healthy, sustainable snack after lunch. Something that has enough protein to hold me over, holds high nutritional value, and consists of real, whole foods. But lately, I […]

How to Complete a Chin Up: 9 Tips to Pull Yourself Over the Bar


I wrote on my Facebook page last week that one of my female clients proclaimed to me that she wanted to be able to perform a chin up as one of her in-the-gym goals. This is a goal of many of my female clients, and I’m enthralled each time one tells me it’s a goal […]

Striving for An Uncluttered Mind


Living in the present. It’s one of those statements that’s SO much easier said than done. But it’s also something that I’m much better at doing now than I ever have been. Think about it – you’re out with your friends, enjoying one of your favorite activities, and then an unpleasant thought enters your mind. […]

Spring Fit Fashion with PUMA Fitness


The following post is is sponsored by Fitfluential LLC on behalf of PUMA. It’s April 4th, and I think Mother Nature has finally realized it’s spring in most of the country. In Colorado, the weather’s funny. I can experience what feels like 4 different seasons in the month of January. One day I’ll be wearing […]

No Equipment Required Conditioning Interval Workout


Good morning! —- Before we get into today’s post – I have a Boot Camp announcement to make! For those signed up or planning to sign up, each week there will be a KIND snack prize package for the person with the most workout check-ins on the Facebook Group. As your coach, I take responsibility […]

5 Ways to Safely Add Sprints to Your Workouts


Did you know I signed up for a 10k the other day? I know, I’m as surprised as you are. It’s the first race I’ve run in more than 3 years – and I haven’t “gone on a run” in the past year. However, this race was on my 30 before 30 list – the […]

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