5 Every Day Health Hacks To Use To Stay On Track


5 Everyday Health Hacks to Stay On Track via @TrainerPaige Click To Tweet Powered By CoSchedule This post is sponsored by Stayfree via Mode Media. All opinions and text are my own. This can be said about working out consistently, reaching your health and fitness goals, eating right, and just about every aspiration when it […]

What are Your Thoughts on the Paleo, Gluten-Free, IIFYM, Low Carb Diet?

My Thoughts On...

It often astounds me over how much hoopla, dogma, and stress goes into the way we eat. Our diets. A few weeks ago, I wrote a post on fad diets that elaborated on this, and why fad diets (sometimes) work. Today, however, I thought I’d answer a much more generic question I get asked fairly often: […]

How to Embrace Your Imperfections


Ready to dive a little deep this morning, my friends? Let’s talk about our imperfections. How to Embrace Your Imperfections via @TrainerPaige Click To Tweet Powered By CoSchedule I can remember, as a young girl, absolutely hating my butt and thighs. My thunder thighs, I used to (not-so) lovingly refer to them. It’s where I’ve […]

Why All or Nothing is the Easy Way Out


Moderation is harder than the All or Nothing approach, but it’s also so much more worth it, if it’s something you want to last. I shared this with my RESOLVE ladies last week, and wanted to elaborate on it, and share it with you today! In my 7+ years as a personal trainer, I can […]

Isopure Protein Powder Review


I’m often asked which supplements that I take on a daily basis to support my training and health. I actually don’t have a line up of additions outside of a balanced diet with ample fruits and veggies: protein powder for post-workout fish oil the first half of my cycle vitamin D/calcium now and then Branched chain […]

Avoid Exercise Burn Out with This Easy Tip


Did you make any fitness, nutrition, or health goals at the beginning of the year? Then you’ve likely been working hard towards those goals for a good 6 weeks at this point. Unfortunately, that’s also the time that some begin to experience the following symptoms: desire to quit energy depletion muscle or joint pain aggravation […]

Staying Free from Injury with Yoga


Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Stayfree via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Stayfree When I first moved to Colorado more than 2 years ago (wow! Has it really been that long?!) I dove head first into hot yoga (unrelated, but […]

BeActiv BeHealthy


It’s winter in Colorado, and for me that means one thing: all the skiing, all the lifting, and all the volleyball my body can handle. Actually, in moving from Illinois to Colorado, there is one glaring difference: my level of activity. Back in the midwest, my physical activity was limited to one broad category: workouts. […]

4 Ingredient Protein Cookie Dough Dip


Hey guys! How’s your week going? After a lifting + hill sprint sesh on Friday, a tough spin class on Saturday, and a long day of skiing on Sunday, come Monday morning my body was screaming, “REST!!!”  So, I listened to it, especially since I had a volleyball game that evening. Remember that post about listening […]

Cold Air Decreases Body Fat?


Hello, loves. Happy Monday. Did you have a good weekend? Mine was very low key – with a lot of Netflix, a little time in the kitchen, and a hard core spin sesh. Then on Sunday, I spent the entire morning on the slopes, and the entire afternoon evening eating snacks and sipping on a […]

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