3 Heart-Pumping HIIT Sprint Workouts & Finish Line’s Reebok Z Pump


Hey hey! I hope you’re having a lovely week. Mine’s going great – but also very busy. No complaints about that – I’m trying to get ahead of the game a bit So today we’re switching it up from our usual strength-training workouts, and talking high intensity interval training* – in the form of sprinting. […]

Low-Fat Better Than Low-Carb for Fat Loss?


When I first started working in the fitness and health industry in 2008, I learned one thing to be true above all else: you can’t say anything as a fact and be 110% sure. Why? Well, for one thing, research is constantly changing, and for another, sometimes research is wrong! A new study was published on […]

How to Build an Indoor Cycling Class /Workout (+ a Workout!)

How to

  Hi, friends!   The other day I did a Periscope right before teaching my indoor cycling class on one of my favorite drills to include in my classes. It sparked the idea for this blog post on building your own indoor cycling workout! I’ve written a handful of posts on take and go cycling […]

New Study: Recommended Protein Intake Should be Increased?


Hey hey! How’s your week going? Mine’s going quite lovely, but I have to admit: I had to pull out all of the stops to keep my mindset positive. I woke up groggily around 5am on Monday to say goodbye to Shane, who was leaving for a business trip in Vegas. It’s never fun when […]

5 TRX Plank Variations for a Killer Core


Hey there! How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun? Ours was pretty low key over here. For the first time in as long as I can remember, both nights were spent quietly at home! Saturday I had to wake up before 5a (yikes) and spent the entire day at the USTA tournament for […]

TRX Ladder Workout & Activity Packed Snacks with Chobani


As you probably know, I believe fueling for your activity level is very important. But it can also be confusing, right? How much protein should I get? How many carbs? What’s the right amount of calories? How do I make it tasty? Those are likely just a few questions we ask ourselves when deciding on […]

Interval Workouts: The Rest is Where the Magic Happens {Part 1}

FullSizeRender (4)

Good morning, loves! How are ya today? Thanks so much for your discussion on the last couple of days’ posts Today we’re changing gears and bringing it back around to fitness. Specifically, let’s talk about interval workouts! Interval workouts (especially HIIT) have gained extreme popularity over the last few years, which is great because including […]

How to Say ‘No’ without Being Rude


Hey, hey! How’s your week starting off? Yesterday was somewhat of a catch-up day for me. It’s typically reserved for check-ins with my online clients in the morning, and then blog post writing in the afternoon. During that mid-morning and early afternoon time-frame, I was gallivanting around town running errands. I had to stop by […]

Know Your Priorities to Know When to Say ‘No’


Hello, friends! Did you have a good weekend? Friday morning we had the flooring people here (quick backstory: Shane and I moved into a new construction in April, but the flooring unfortunately wasn’t up to par – i.e. knicks, etc. – so they’re RE-doing it. Kind of a pain, but ah well.) I had to […]

Things I Find Awesome: Glute Challenge, 20×20 Workouts & More!


Hi friends! Before we get started, I wanted to remind you: today’s the last day that you can get Body Weight Burn for 40% off! After today, the price will increase Today I thought I’d lighten things up around here and talk about some things I’m loving this week so much that I just have […]

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