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I’ve been getting messages already from those of you who started my 6-Week Lifting & HIIT program on Monday — and I’m so excited to hear the results at the end of the year.

My clients are motivated, committed, and enthusiastic about their goals and training, and that doesn’t stop come the holiday season.

Many of you are on the waitlist for my Lean Body training & nutrition boot camp in January (and I cannot WAIT!) In the meantime, this training plan will take you through the holiday season — and it’s only $47. (!!!)

For $47, you’ll get:


  • A 6-Week training program, with brand new workouts every single day
  • This workout program is unlike any other you’ve completed before
  • Workouts include strength, HIIT, LISS, and mobility
  • The at-home track AND in-the-gym track in one complete program
  • New rep schemes, accelerators, and intensifiers to help you get the most of your results

This program will be challenging, but easy to maintain consistently through the holidays. My clients always report that they truly enjoy their workout programming, and I know this program will be no exception. I’ve completed the workouts myself, and many of my clients have completed the workouts as well.

This training program has all the training tools needed to help you get stronger, leaner, and more prepared for those January goals.


Q: What does the training program look like in terms of format?

A: The first two weeks, you’ll complete 3 strength workouts (Upper, Lower, and Full Body,) one HIIT workout, and one LISS. Then, the strength workouts will shift into body part splits (Glutes, hamstrings; Back & triceps, etc.) and you’ll complete two HIIT workouts per week.

Q: How long will the workouts take?

A: The strength workouts will take up to 60 minutes, and the HIIT workouts will be 30 minutes or less?

Q: What equipment do I need?

A: The only equipment you’ll need is a pair of dumbbells for the At-Home track, however, if you have access to a gym or more equipment at your home, you’ll be able to put it to use in the In-the-Gym track.

Q: Is this program for beginners?

A: No. This program is for intermediate to advanced trainees, who have at least one year of workout experience.

Q: Do I need to do the workouts exactly according to the schedule?

A: No, you can move them around to fit your schedule, but I always advise clients to listen to your body, and try not to do a workout that works the same body part back to back.

This program is ONLY available for the remainder of the week, and will go away after Sunday night. Grab your copy now for only $47, and thrive through the holiday season!!

Happy training!


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