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I haven’t posted a new workout on the blog in a while, but I thought I’d share a workout from my current training split.

One day a week, I train legs & shoulders together, and it’s probably my favorite training day of the week, because they’re my favorite muscle groups to train in one day.

Legs and Shoulders Workout:

Legs and Shoulders Workout


  • I am doing all of these movements while pregnant except the hamstring curl machine hip thrust. I am instead doing single leg hip thrust (but the hamstring curl machine is my favorite variation!)
  • Each of these exercises can be found in video form on my youtube channel or my instagram channel.
  • Choose a weight where you can complete all of the reps, with the last couple feeling very tough, with good form.
  • Always check with your doctor before beginning any new training program

And if you’re looking for more free workouts to get you through the month, (I have hundreds on this blog!)I’m working with Designer Protein and Ben Zorn for their Athlete Inside Challenge. They’re in week 2 right now – and have four new workouts up this week! You can view them here:

Legs and shoulders workout

They’re also sharing some fun nutrition tips and recipes.

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