Some thoughts and discussions from me.

My nutrition philosophy, while the specifics are highly individual, stays fairly consistent across the board.

Research – and my clients’ tangible results – has proven that strategic carb cycling (that changes periodically,) along with specific nutrient timing (carb backloading, pre- and post-workout, morning macros, etc.) helps you burn body fat effectively.

It also makes that fat loss process easier by increasing feelings of satiety, and decreasing hunger.

No matter in which way you’re working with me – whether it’s one-on-one, or in one of my group programs, you’ll get customized macronutrients from me. However, my overarching philosophy remains constant.

The other day in my membership community, one of my clients asked a great question:

There were already some great suggestions – such as yummy volume-dense snacks, activities, and honoring hunger. All of these are great ideas!My answer was to do a little digging, and make sure she had the following checkpoints in place.

Nutrient Timing

As I mentioned above, all of my clients make changes to their nutrient timing.

We implement a modified carb backloading process, changes surrounding our pre-and post-workout nutrition, and some changes during the day, depending on your schedule.

Nutrient timing has SO much to do with our hunger signals, as what we eat will not only affect our entire hormone cascade for the day (which, you guessed it, can make you feel satiated or more hungry.)

It also impacts whether we’re burning fat for fuel, or glycogen/carbohydrates for fuel.

Volume Dense vs. Calorically Dense

I also recommend my clients eat two servings of veggies with each meal.This not only helps to flood the body with nutrients, but it also provides feelings of satiety because of the volume of the food you’re eating.

If you think back, and realize you’ve only had a single vegetable all day long, it could contribute to that lingering feeling of hunger at the end of the day.


Sleep, as you likely know, plays a major role in proper hormone development and function. Too little sleep can impact our cortisol and grehlin production, which is the hormone that signals hunger.

I know find myself craving carby, sugary foods over the course of the next day after only one or two nights of poor sleep.

Choose Protein

My clients know that at the end of the day, I’d never tell them to just go to bed hungry.

If you’re feeling true hunger, and a walk outside, or some veggies and seasoning or hummus don’t help, eat more! It’s what your body is telling you to do.

That said, if you do over your macros, protein is always your best best to choose. Aim for  a snack like cottage cheese or greek yogurt to help that satiety at the end of the day.

*If you’re feeling uncomfortably hungry at the end of the day for multiple consecutive days, it’s likely a sign that you need to eat more food overall. 

On the flip side…

Should I force myself to hit my macros even if I’m full?

No. Just as you would listen to your hunger signals if you were too hungry, and go over your macros a bit, I’d never say to force yourself to eat. If you’re under your macros one day, it’s no big deal either.

And again – if you have multiple days in a row where you’re under your macros and already full, it’s likely a signal to decrease your macros (unless you’re trying to gain muscle.)

I hope this helps you as you’re tracking macros and listening to your hunger signals! XO

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