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As a trainer, I’m always telling my clients that consistency is the key to seeing results.

But it’s not just about being consistent for 5 days; it’s about being consistent in your fitness & nutrition goals 90% of the time, over time.

fitness & nutrition goals

(My client, Lindsey’s progress)

If you find yourself 90% consistent Monday through Thursday, and only 50% consistent Friday-Sunday, that’s unfortunately not enough.

But there’s another piece to the puzzle: mindset/expectations.

Let me give you an example.

The other day I was working with a client who had begun to make some major positive changes to her diet and workouts.

She started our training plan, joined a gym, and decreased her wine consumption.

After 5 days, I asked her how things were going.

“I still feel fat! I’ve worked SO hard and have been busting my butt for two weeks, and the scale hasn’t budged!!”

This is a prime example of mindset and expectations getting in the way of results and consistency.

fitness & nutrition goals

Now, we had realistically only been working together a mere 5 days. But the language my client was using (two weeks, working so hard, busing her butt, etc.) let me know two things:

1) We needed to talk more about expectations, and

2) She was already white-knuckling it through her journey.

I could go on and on about expectations, but today I’d like to talk about the second point: suffering through the journey.

If you’ve ever felt like you’re working SO hard, and not seeing immediate results,

…Or maybe you feel like you work so hard during the week, only to blow it all off on the weekends — listen up:

If you’re not enjoying the changes you’re making with how you eat and how you’re train — at least a little bit — your results won’t be long lasting. They won’t stick long term.

You can’t white knuckle it through these changes and expect good – or lasting results.

If it does feel like you’re white-knuckling it or gritting your teeth through your training and nutrition plan, one of two things need to change:

1) your mindset (re: the victim mindset,) or

2) the changes you’re making with food and workouts

If you’re confident or want to give a fair chance to the changes you’ve made, I highly suggest you checkout this post I wrote on the victim mentality as well as my client, Lindsey’s story. Switching from a victim to an I-am-in-control mindset has made such a difference in my clients seeing long lasting results.

That said, as I mentioned earlier, it’s extremely important you at least somewhat enjoy the foods you eat and the workouts you’re doing. If you don’t — it’s time to change something.

fitness & nutrition goals

This is my lunch from last week. It’s not me trying to “stay on plan” or stay on track. It’s a lunch I enjoy and that supports my lifestyle habits and goals.

For example, the changes we make for nutrition in my Lean Body training & nutrition boot camp are geared toward results — but their secondary intentions are decreased sugar cravings, better control of your hunger and appetite, and becoming more in tune with how to eat to burn body fat more efficiently.  The goal is to stop being obsessed with what you eat, and start allowing what you eat to work with your goals.

The workouts, while written in a periodized manner and programming, change from week to week and are centered around strength workouts, supplemented with HIIT training.

What it doesn’t do is place foods or food groups off limits, promote restriction, or over exercising. In fact, I pride myself in that I never place any foods as “off limits” for my clients.

I won’t have another LBB starting until early-mid June, but there is already a waitlist for it. If you’re ready to not only see results from your training and nutrition, but also take control of your hunger and cravings, I’d love to work with you this summer. You can fill out the contact form here to get more information, or get on the wait list.


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